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Alcohol is Linked to 750,000 Cancer Cases




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Find out why this breakthrough study links alcohol to increased cancer risk.

0:00 Introduction: Alcohol is linked to 750,00 cancer cases
1:13 Why alcohol can increase the risk of cancer
2:17 How to reduce alcohol consumption
3:00 Share your success story!

In this video, we’re going to talk about a study that links alcohol to 750,000 cancer cases each year.

A worldwide study in 2020 looked at the relationship between alcohol and cancer. They found that 4% of all cancers are caused by alcohol. 75% of these alcohol-related cancer cases are in men.

The most common types of cancer related to alcohol consumption (in order) are:
• Esophagus (32%!)
• Liver
• Breast
• Colorectal
• Head and neck

Alcohol-related cancer cases are most prevalent in eastern Asia and central and eastern Europe.

The question is, why does alcohol consumption increase your risk of cancer? There are five primary reasons. Take a look.

1. Alcohol gives off a toxic carcinogen called acetaldehyde

2. Alcohol increases ROS

3. Alcohol blocks antioxidant nutrients

4. Alcohol increases estrogen

5. Alcohol makes carcinogens more easily absorbed

Drinking kombucha tea can help reduce your cravings for alcohol. It has a similar texture to beer or champaign, and it can create a relaxed feeling after consuming it.

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Nutritional yeast is also great for curbing cravings because it’s loaded with B vitamins.

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Thanks for watching. I hope this helped explain why alcohol is linked to 750,000 cancer cases each year. I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. RipCity says:

    I enjoy a nice glass of wine or a micro beer once or twice a week. Have to live your life with some fun. What we really need to do is focus on the evil going on in dc.

  2. Ms Nahla Wadud says:

    Thanks for the information. I will share it.

  3. Vincent oooo says:

    I drink a pina colada and one beer, every couple of weeks at the beach in Venice California.. I should be okay right?

  4. The Roaming Gnome...Glenn Munro! VRCM/SkyWarn says:

    32 people have a problem with honesty.
    A major sign.of nerve damage.

  5. Khadijeh Hashemi says:

    It is interesting that as time passes all rules for life by Quran comes out true by science and beneficial for health, like do not drink alcohol and do fasting.

  6. TJ Worker says:

    My grandfather died with a brandy7 in his hand, watching football 🏈. What really killed him , is when his wife, of nearly 70 years died. My grandmother

  7. Rodney S says:

    I'm confused. I've read bourbon has ellagic acid, an antioxidant more powerful than resveratrol. It also increases insulin sensitivity, increase circulation, etc. I know excess consumption is bad, but a treat a few times a week, I think the benefits outweigh the negatives. Just be mindful of addiction.

  8. Ji Dol says:

    Can you make a video about marijuana??

  9. Rose Land says:

    Mouthwash with alcohol in can cause oral cancer.

  10. jeanne brouillette says:

    Alcohol = poison!

  11. dd kaye says:

    Man, we can't never have no fun!😣😣😣😕

  12. Erikdog says:

    Hold on…what happened to that drinking a glass of wine or beer a day is actually good for ya??

  13. Jimmy Hopkins says:

    In high school I drank at a couple parties and hated it. Im 34 now and havnt drank since that last party. My body has always told me that there is something very wrong with alcohol consumption. I prefer cannabis and with legalization safer methods than smoking flower exist. I have not had the munchies in years either so it seems to have no effect on my being in ketosis or maintaining OMAD.

  14. Gary Harvey says:

    Linked by what epidemiological studies? By inference? Where are the double blind controlled clinical trials/studies and what are their results? Science, not opinion or logical consideration

  15. Grey_Wind says:

    It amazes me to hear people I know say they started drinking from 9am throughout the whole day till 11pm. Someone I know said they were pacing it out? And the next day they felt absolutely fine! I haven't touched alcohol in 6years even before that it was like maybe a couple of beers on a very odd occasion I just don't find it appealing and not got the stomach for it. I've been told that people with a bigger body mass handle alcohol better and can drink more and not be affected by the amount they drink…is this true??

  16. Aamal Khan says:

    That's why it's forbidden 🚫 in Islam

  17. D MERLS says:

    But these "reports" always talk about the cellular science but never about groups of persons and their activities and substance/food combinations. For example, Person A: exercises regularly long-term, eats healthy including the elite foods that heal, sleeps well and avoids high stress, takes few medications. Person B: doesn't exercise much, prefers lots of meat, dairy and carbs, hates vegetables, takes multiple meds, always cranky.

    But they both drink exactly the same amount and type of alcohol. Person A may have minimal risk while Person B may not be able to afford to drink much. When will our medical research reach this level of sophistication? I guess that's too much data, too many people to study, too expensive. I'm certain a huge percentage of earnest people concerned with their health agree with this even if I haven't expressed it well.

  18. Amulya Kudchadkar says:

    alcoholic liver only gets hepatoma

  19. Dana Harden says:

    All nutritional yeast has synthetic vitamins including the form of b6 that depletes b6, (remember?) Also reads high on the Geiger counter (including brewers yeast)! Because of the beets?

  20. Jake1970 says:

    Currently fifty-one and I`ve been drinking Whiskey for around five to six years now …late bloomer. When I say drink, I`m now going through a handle of Bushmills a week. If I stop now can the affects be reversed …or at least stopped from worsening? Thanks!

  21. Anton Bierman says:

    Wasted 24 years of my life drinking. I curse alcohol! One of the worst drugs in he world!

  22. Joe SixPack says:

    I used to live next to an old couple several years ago. He drank 3 shots of whiskey every day and she was a tea totaler. She died at 82 and he lived until he was 99. Go figure.

  23. Tommy. Bee. . says:

    Effects All your Cells…All..

  24. Miry Reina says:

    Oh wow…most people I know drink😳

  25. Kirk Ford says:

    I've always heard that the hopps in beer increases breast size…. Men and women. So it's the estrogen that's being elevated to get me some nice manboobs.

  26. Kasey says:

    I'm 64. The last time I had alcohol was when I was 19. Every time I drank I would throw up. It was no fun and gross. Glad I am not a drinker.

  27. Mint Body Fitness says:

    Alcohol also makes people fight each other it also has a direct link to most murders. So keep drinking stupid people your liver will thank you later all my alcoholic family members died in their 40-50s from alcoholism

  28. Derek 8128 says:

    I know it's hard to stop dinking i use to drink off & on for years i finally left the alcohol alone I pray for anyone that's going through alcoholism stay strong you can do it.

  29. Johnny Edge says:




  30. Noelio Emerald-Isle says:

    Geez …. can't even have a few beers the weekend now 😒

  31. alsi_048cmc says:

    Is there any difference between distilled spirits and beer and wine? It seems that the hard alcohol is much worse and rarely is consumed with food as the other two are.

  32. Robert Anna says:

    Spend one night working in an E.R. Oh the stories I could tell you.

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