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Feeling in poor health on keto? Here is what to do in regards to the keto flu.

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0:00 Feeling stick on a ketogenic vitamin
0:25 3 the reason why you are feeling in poor health on keto
2:11 How you can adapt to keto (2 tactics)
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On this video, we are going to communicate in regards to the keto flu.

If you are feeling in poor health at the ketogenic vitamin, and it does not appear to be getting higher, this video is for you.

There are 3 components that affect how you are feeling when you are on keto.

1. How a lot fats you are eating – Should you should not have a gallbladder or when you have low bile, you’ll be able to really feel bloating and proper shoulder ache. It’s because bile is important for breaking down all the fat on keto.
Take a look at the Gallbladder Components:

2. Vitamins – Your frame calls for positive vitamins as you turn from burning sugar to burning fats. Should you are not getting those vitamins, you could really feel in poor health and gradual. You might want further B nutrients and potassium whilst beginning out on keto.
Take a look at those dietary supplements:
Electrolyte Powder:
Mitochondria Power (loaded with B nutrients):

3. Keto adaptation – Should you’ve been operating on sugar your entire lifestyles, your frame would possibly take overtime to conform to ketosis. Your frame has to increase new enzymes that you are not used to. Whilst some can transfer over to ketosis and not using a drawback, others want overtime to conform to keto. There are two tactics you’ll be able to do that. You’ll be able to cross chilly turkey, or you’ll be able to do it progressively. This may be imply heading off sugar, grains, delicate meals however retaining in end result, quinoa, yams, and candy potatoes. Do that for some time and remove the fruit over the years.

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Thank you for looking at. I am hoping this helped transparent up why it’s possible you’ll really feel in poor health on a ketogenic vitamin and what to do in regards to the keto flu. I will see you within the subsequent video.

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  • So weird. When I did this in 2019 thru 2021, no problem. After a long relocation move without access to my kitchen and what I used, I gained 8 lbs in 6 months. Settled in and have everything I need. I am knocked down from this "flu" insomnia, muscle cramping etc I'm working thru

  • I’ve been doing keto since February 2022 suddenly I’ve come down with mild fever, chills, headache,vomiting, can’t keep anything down. ( lasted 24 hrs) I’m never sick, trying to find out if this is related to keto at all

  • I have smalls packets of electrolyte powder (with stevia and some lemon flavorings) with 400mg sodium, 200mg potassium, 50mg each of calcium a magnesium and they always help just balancing me out.

  • I just finished Day 4 – Omad – 600kcal. I feel very dozzy now. (I have to lose weight for a competition and I am in the final week of this challenge). I do feel sick now, tho I felt great today.

  • Thanks Dr.Berg!! With all three of my 72hr. fast I’ve experienced very bad diarrhea for several days!!

  • Thanks Dr B,
    I was just trying to figure out why I feel not overly well lately and it's because I have been eating one tortilla wrap per day for lunch. The one thing I thought was ok. I wrap my Avocado and salad and peppers in one. I guess I should switch back to eggs.
    I am still losing weight, from 215 pounds to 155 5 months. Still have a bit to go. I am 5'3 and 50 years old, gave up smokes and booze many years ago to. I didn't have to have a Dr tell me to stop. God has been guiding me as I shed all that causes sin. Eating as much as three people is a sin because you steal from what God gave you to last. You take from your children when you abuse your body and lifestyle.
    God can make anything happen if you do as He asked.
    Peace be with you

  • A lil over 8 months and I still feel funky on and off . I hate feeling this way . I can't figure this out why its taken so long and if it s caused by some pre existing conditions I been dealing with digestive wise .

  • I'm a prediabetic and I got this Keto flu exactly 2 weeks out from the start of Keto. I am never hungry, but I got very weak and fatigued for a couple days, with sleeping alot and feeling bad with brain fog. I went ahead and had a bannana and a cup of coffee w/milk and some eggs, all in the evening. Yes, I feel better, even normal. I'm not giving up on the Keto and intermittent fasting though. I go back on first thing in the morning.

  • Day 2 and I feel like crap. Relentless headaches, dizziness, fatigue, sore throat, emotional, super thirsty, heart palpitations after eating and hot flashes. I’m taking some of the suggestions: incorporating nutritional yeast for B, adding salt to my water and coffee, adding a little fruit to my protein shake, and taking AVC. I think I’m going to incorporate some lentils and split peas. They’re carbs, but not refined and they contain fiber. I do like that I can feel the fat burning. I’ll try it a little longer and do some more research, but I refuse to feel like crap every day. The fatigue is hard to get through when you’re a teacher.

  • That's why I always feel keto is dangerous.. as what I'm feeling now. Luckily I don't need to drive. And without certain knowledge of fasting or keto, you probably go wrong easily, could be me.
    It's difficult without professional address.

  • I have a question. I have been trying keto for something like 3-4 days and my belly became extremely bloated since yesterday. And i feel a bit nauseous. So my belly is bloated but i did bot gain weight, i even lost weight. Is it a keto symptom or normal ?

  • Thank you. I have hypothyroidism with an onset of diabetes a few years now. I just got my a1c at 8.9…. I was floored. Started keto and now going through the transition. It's tough but I think I can do it. Started the electrolytes today. It eased off the detox of a lifetime sugar.

  • I assume fatty liver causes decrease in bile production,,, And a Fast / very low calorie causes I'll symptoms,,,

  • I have started keto 4 days ago and the only symptom I am experiencing is headache which gets annoying as it continues onto the next day, any suggestions on resolving this?

  • I am FIVE DAYS IN and the nausea I can handle, the fog I can work through, THE HOT FLASHES ARE INSANE! I am going to super hydrate, add electrolytes, and drink bone broth and see if I can get through this because I want the energetic and clarity benefits!!!

  • I feel ever so ill. I did it for 2 days last week and I am shattered and mental health is worst than was before. I feel week to the bone I just sat in me bed now 🥺😭 I cant even type I'm I'm nauseas

  • Day 9 and I’m starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. I started to feel very weak and strange on day 3, was even questioning if this is how it should feel like? Extreme fatigue and all kinds of other things, but today was the first day I felt better. The fatigue and headache just come back for a short while and then I feel fine again. I even managed to take a short walk today so I hope it’s a good sign. I lost 6kg in first 7 days. 😯

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