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HOW TO BE KETO PERFECT – by Robert Cywes

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ROBERT CYWES M.D., PhD is a clinically practicing doctor and surgeon in Florida and Idaho. The mission of our media content is educating the public about a CARBOHYDRATE ADDICTION approach to treating obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Understanding the importance of replacing carbs in your diet with REAL FOOD while simultaneously replacing carbs as a toxic, harmful response to emotional tension with a more effective diverse healthy set of emotion management tools for lifelong sustainability of mental and physical health, happiness and well-being. Converting people from toxic sugar burners to healthy fat (keto) burners while addressing the CAUSE of addiction to carbs from an emotion management perspective. Sometimes using obesity surgery and devices as tools along the way, and helping people who have had bariatric surgery stay healthy and not relapse

Set up a consultation if you are looking for more sustainable ways to treat obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cholesterol issues and thyroid disease. Even if you are doing great but need physician confirmation or if you are considering or struggling after Bariatric Surgery we can assist you getting back on track.TEXT, WHATSAPP or CALL to leave a message on our “batphone” +1 561 517-0642 from anywhere in the world. We do secure telehealth, Zoom and Whatsapp phone and video consults all over the world.
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  1. M Fowler says:

    Great video, informative and funny 😄 I can’t imagine what my cardio dr would say when asked, “are you human.?”

  2. Phyllis Webb says:

    The keto way of eating makes perfect sense to me. That’s why I’ve stuck with it for 3+ years and plan on staying with it.

  3. edward will says:

    I love Keto an have been doing it for 14 months.. went for my annual check up an my LDL has gone sky high to 11.1 mmol/l..
    my dr says He thinks im a hyper responder.. as my HDL is 1.7 an triglycerides are 0.9…
    This all makes me nervous though I know the argument about LDL not perhaps being bad in metabolically healthy people..
    All my other tests… homocysteine, crp, liver function etc are all good..
    I also did a CAC scan which was 0…
    Please give me some advice Dr Cywes..

  4. thinkingisthebox says:

    Bravo doc

  5. Angela A Stanton PhD says:

    "salt is more important than water" is super! Completely supports all my theories and my migraine prevention protocol!

  6. Tracker 100 says:

    Bloody brilliant doc 😊👍 thank you ❤

  7. Scott Short says:

    👍🏽👍🏽 … Till next time Dr. C… thanks for all you do!!

  8. Gnome Star says:

    Enter the triggered vegans.

  9. go6 Clark says:

    You are the best!

  10. Louise LeMarr says:


  11. icakeballs says:

    bill gates can go to Hell! 🤣

  12. Lorenz Gude says:

    Yes we are still shoreline creatures as evidenced by the price of beachfront property! My GP doesn't pressure me to stop my 3 years of keto, but he doesn't encourage it either. Mostly I have learned to make small adjustments to my diet based on how I feel, not on the basis of blood work I can easily get here in Australia. I do occasionally check by blood ketones and glucose. As I watch other people struggle to eliminate carbohydrates I realise I am lucky because the mental acuity that results from being fat adapted is just too good to do anything to jeopardize it. For my 79th birthday last week my best friends commissioned a keto chocolate cake from a specialist bakery – the first time the bakery had attempted it but had worked there was now a market for it, unlike when I began keto. I don't know how keto the cake was but it was great fun and didn't make me feel badly or suddenly gain weight. The sweetness is now properly just a novelty, and it is the cream cheese, avocados and other fats that I look forward to consuming every day. Your advice to eat all the green veggies I want seems to not interfere with the mental acuity and find I can include higher carb vegetables like chickpeas, sweet potatoes or beetroot and carrots occasionally without a problem. I also have come to see from your work that most people I know really wrestle with carb addiction far more than I do and go back to sugar and grains even if they persist with keto long enough to get over craving them. You have your work cut out for you!

  13. cwcobo says:

    Thank you Dr Cywes for the origin story of my species, humans. It adds loads of perspective of where we've been and what diet works best.

  14. Fiona Butchart says:

    Love this simple way of explaining proper human way of eating.

  15. Julian Calendar says:

    At 60 I eat 90% fats and meat/fish etc and usually a good sized bowl of salad leaves with mayonnaise almost every day 1-2 times a day depending on the hike distance I do. I am zero medicated and have no aches and pains that I am aware of. Yet, my extended family in their 50/60's all have ongoing health problems as they tuck into their 'take a ways' porridge, bread and cooked foods piled high deep with 3-4 meals a day. Someone is right and someone is wrong in the way they live ! The one aspect of this lifestyle I have found is to be wary of doctors who state that 'Your levels are high' your age determines what pills you should be on etc etc, it seems nonsense to me when I feel and look good, from a weight perspective. After all, there seems zero profit in healthy people for these 'Mogodons', I use them for diagnostic purposes but have little regard for their 'advice' at my age ramblings.

  16. Bb Said says:

    We are the most mechanically efficient runners that are possible to exist.
    We evolved to run…to hunt animals, but animals that lived on flat, open savanna.
    Animals, whose survival strategy was to run as far away as possible.
    Our survival strategy was to chase them, but so efficiently, that we were able to run them to the point of exhaustion.
    Persistence running.
    We did NOT evolve to run after plants, or fish.
    The aquatic ape theory is total bs.
    To run efficiently, we have to be bipedal, in order to be bipedal we were forced to have big brains.
    It takes huge amounts of cognitive effort to balance on 2 legs compared to 4 legs.
    As we stood upright, our brains were forced to get bigger, in order to control our arms/hands.
    As we stood upright, our lungs became independent from our cadence…we became able to develop language.
    We lost our fur in order to maximise heat loss through sweating, this exposed us to the elements..forcing our brains to get bigger in order to be able to create our own protection from the elements.
    Which came first, our intelligence as a species, or our ability to to run efficiently?
    It was our ability to run efficiently.
    We are the absolute pinnacle of mechanical efficiency, and our brains were forced to develop in order to control and operate this mechanically perfect object.
    Feet are spring loaded off-centred cantilevers that are the most efficient object that exists at converting gravity and elastic rebound into forward motion.

  17. Stefan van der Spuy says:

    So many people, including many doctors, are unfortunately still "old school", amongst others treating total – and LDL cholesterol as enemy no 1. And the supermarket shelves are still stacked with margarine and a whole host of other processed foods. You have to look really hard to buy "proper" food!

  18. Stefan van der Spuy says:

    And whoo boy, this salt argument will make most doctors flip their lids, of that I am sure!

  19. Stephanie Rogers says:

    I loved the comment about Bill Gates!!!!! That lunatic wants us to eat fake meat made from nasty soy. Next Bill Gates will suggest Soilent Green . Thank you Dr. Cywes your an amazing man !!!!!!!!

  20. Bonnie Millage says:

    Thank you thank you!!! You are a life saver!!!

  21. Francisco D'anconia says:

    It's literally what I've been telling anyone who thinks I'm being weird or extreme. Today's diet, is the experiment!

  22. You speak the truth. I love that you can't be bought by big pharma or the FDA, you just want your patients to be healthy. It's the way all doctors should be but aren't. They don't make much money off HEALTHY people, right? 😕

  23. ihopetowin says:

    Very simply, had our progenitors like Australopithecus maintained a diet of vegetable matter, our species would not have evolved. Through climate change of that epoch, the Savannah's encroachment upon the jungles and the vegetation yielded by them, was reduced resulting in Australopithecine being forced to find alternative nourishment. The consumption of meat via the scavenging of bone marrow and other available animal tissue over thousands of generations, led to the physiological and brain capacity changes we see in the fossil record. The evidence of tool making through greater brain capacity is evidenced within the fossil record by the emergence of homo Habilis. The fossil record of h.Habilis and h.Erectus indicates evolutionary change illustrating his upright gait through the development of a very close to modern skeletal system.

  24. James Rankin says:

    Good stuff!

  25. Graciela Norris says:


  26. Adi Picograf says:

    You’re not wrong doc, you’re goddamn right! It all makes sense. No wonder I feel amazing and healthier eating a proper human diet.

  27. Dave Boss says:

    Best lecture you've done Doc. Really motivational! Cheers.

  28. Philip Sheard says:

    Thank you, so grateful x

  29. Sammie B says:

    This is off the topic but I had to share what i head today 1011 2021 from A YouTuber called, “This is JonnWilliams”. I heard that Bill Gate is buying out huge farmlands, all over the United States, with the goal of ending meat eating and turning everyone into vegan. Has anyone heard this? The YouTube or talks and details about Bill Gates carnivore ending plan, watch for yourself and pls comment as I am concerned if this is true!🤦🏻‍♀️

  30. DJ MT says:

    The one that gets me all the time is that cows burping and farting methane is killing the planet. Well, in the doc's words, "Think this through…"

    Cows burp methane, which rises into the atmosphere, turns into carbon, becomes clouds, drops as rain, waters the soil, grows grass, the cows eat the grass, rinse repeat. It's a cycle of life which has been around as long as earth itself, yet, somehow, it's suddenly causing global warming?

    On the other hand, all the planes, trains, automobiles and factories are spewing one-way carbon into the sky. That carbon will never fall back down as rain, it'll just hang in the sky like Michael about to dunk in Chicago!

    The majority of global warming is caused by man's incessant need to plunder the earth for its resources, nothing else. Nature was here long before we messed it up.

  31. wen scott says:

    Heavily processed food is also anti-human, but oh so pro-profit as it removes our local self-sufficiency; not to mention the growing carbon footprint it creates as food processing and packaging journeys from one place to another before landing on our grocery shelves, and the devastation to soil, water and forests. I agree with @amphiibiia, we would all benefit from changing the brutality with which we treat our precious fellow beings.

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