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How to Make Sucralose At Home || Easy Keto Recipes

What is Sucralose? definitely not sugar and yes. does sucralose spike insulin? no. Does sucralose raise blood sugar? no. Sucralose does not cause diarrhea or gastro-intestinal stress. Here’s how to make your liquid sucralose!πŸ”” If you SUBSCRIBE ring the πŸ”” for notifications! πŸ₯“ Buy Me Bacon? πŸ₯‘ Join the VIPs at
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My video about what is sucralose, is sucralose safe? Does it spike blood sugar? does it raise insulin and all:

Blog post on Sucralose with recipe and explanation about why sucralose is safe and good on keto:





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  1. acapellaz1 says:

    Thank you Ginger. I noticed that the link is showing a different product from the one you used in the video. I can see both on Amazon U.K. now. Which one do you prefer please?

  2. Cody Of Athens says:

    Can anyone tell me how to use this larger quantities? Like, if something usually calls for 1.5 cups/300 grams of sugar, how much of this would you use?

  3. Hercules Rockerfeller says:

    Great thank you just made it!

    Do you keep it in the fridge? Or room temp ok?

  4. ShortyTree410 says:

    Thank you! I've been buying liquid splenda for $4 for 50mls and this was so simple!

  5. Ari Edge says:

    in indonesia we call that thing pipet….

  6. Gene says:

    How long will it last in the bottle for? I have just found bits floating in the pipet but I only made it around 3 weeks ago. And do you keep it in the fridge? Thanks.

  7. suzan24k says:

    Made it for a second time, but now I'm tripling the batch since I use it in most my sweets recipes plus our drinks. This should last 3 months, I hope. Much appreciation, Dear Ginger.

  8. Sharon Roe says:

    Cooling effect ? ?

  9. BeckyInCalifornia says:

    Thank you for this video. Once you put the 6 grams of sucralose in container, did you tare (zero out) the scale before adding the hot water, or did you add about 94 grams of water to the 6 grams of of sucralose?

  10. Dan Scott says:

    Thanks for the tip. I've been simply using those micro measuring spoons to add the power to my coffee but making the liquid would be much more convenient….

  11. XRZX says:

    So I don't have a milligram scale so I had to do this in a 1 litre batch using a kitchen scale. Since I'm making (and giving some away) a batch of ten 100mL bottles that are going to stay on the shelves for a while, I found that they tend to grow mould spores despite adding citric acid. I remedied that by adding potassium sorbate to 0.1% concentration (1/8th of a tsp per litre) so they manage to stay good for a longer time. It's been a couple of months now and they're still going good.

  12. π— π—Όπ—΄π—Όπ—¨π—ž says:

    Hi Ginger, if we need just pure sucralose powder and water and it keeps, Why do all the commercial Pure Sucralose Liquid Sweetners contain citric acid and preservatives etc? Thanks.

  13. Pequod Express says:

    Thank you for your very helpful information. I started from the information on your blog and worked my way up to 2.1 grams of pure sucralose per 50 ml of boiling water. I started with 1.5 grams, following your 3 grams per 100 ml recipe, but my wife felt that was too weak, so I started experimenting and worked up to 2.1 grams. I may try your revised 3 grams of sucralose per 50ml.

    While 2.1 grams of pure sucralose (600 times concentrate) per 50 ml of water seems to be effective and economical, I've been reading that the sucralose should account for 25% to 27% of the total weight of the solution. Fifty milliliters of water weighs about 41 grams, which would require about 13.667 grams of sucralose for full saturation, and that full saturation is desired. This seems that it would approximate the strength of the expensive branded liquid sucralose, but it is much more sucralose than I was expecting to use and would greatly increase cost per 50 ml.

    I am also thinking about adding preservatives such as potassium sorbate and citric acid. If I do, what proportions should be used, and is it satisfactory simply to dissolve everything in boiling water, or must a different procedure be used?

    If I run into any problems with impurities forming, I will resort to using a milligram scale to use the pure sucralose powder directly. I've read that 30 mg is about the amount needed to sweeten a cup of coffee.

  14. Pequod Express says:

    Do you run into any problems storing your liquid sucralose for a few months? I've read about others having impurities after a week or two. Perhaps they did not boil the water, even though they used distilled water. Does it matter whether storage is in the refrigerator or a room-temperature cupboard?

  15. Jinggo Aredy says:

    this make for water… we wan make for vape e juice use PG how to make???

  16. Lacey says:

    I was so happy to find this. I have a bag of pure sucralose I got free for doing a review on Amazon and it is so sweet I haven’t used it. Now I can!

  17. marsha fields says:

    what is your concentration per drop? one drop equals how much regular sugar??

  18. David Ujcic says:

    Cheers. Ordered 10g from aliexpress for 5US. Will give your recipe a try.

  19. Cathy Cutler says:

    Thank you thank you. You’ve made me very happy. I had been paying $3.99 for the store brands liquid Sucralose 50ml little squeezy bottle. My eyes have been opened.

  20. Matt Fort says:

    Hi Ginger. Thanks for this video I have made some drops using the pure powder from bulk powders. It is insanely strong, tasty, cheap and very useful.

    Since making it I have been reading up on sucralose. Thomas Delauer, Dr Berg and Dr Jason Fung all do not advocate using it as it's very close chemically to Sucrose i.e. just add chlorine and get presto you've got sucralose, and the fact that it can damage your gut biome. Do you have any thoughts on this Vs Stevia please add I'm concerned about the long term affects? Stevia is more expensive and still open to debate about spiking sugars etc. Thanks again for all your help!

  21. Gene says:

    Giveaway. This is my favourite video because I can now sweeten my Coffee along with everything else in a healthy way and I enjoyed making it knowing it's healthy and cost-effective so thanks for doing this video and all the videos you make.

  22. VC SC says:

    This is my favorite video because it saves me a lot of money. Instead of buying the liquid, I can make my own for very little cost. Thank you! Giveaway

  23. mark Miller says:

    I made my own liquid using this method, but just used regular funnel, dumped the powder into drop bottle, topped off with water and shook. Fast and easy.
    Goes great in those 0 calorie carbonated flavored water drinks , almost like a soda. And of course in coffee

  24. Melissa Lewis says:

    Defiantly going to do this!

  25. Denisha says:

    You can also mix the powdered sucralose into your granular/powdered erythritol. (Liquid sucralose never seems to taste good in my coffee or tea no matter how sugar-like the drops taste on their own. Is it just me?).

    Also, if you also struggle to get your hands on the powder (international shipping to South Africa, sigh) try your local e-liquid/vaping suppliers. It's used to sweeten DIY vaping blends and they can usually provide you with proof from their suppliers that it is pure.

  26. coleen huff says:

    Thank you Ginger. This video is going to save me so much money. I got my powdered sucralose in the mail today.

  27. Carol Mazibuko says:

    Thank you so much Ginger!Love your videos and your"ring the bell" song☺

  28. Cole Winters says:

    Like you and your teeshirt this recipe is divine!

  29. Java Junkie says:

    Thank you so much for this video!

  30. Bitwise42 says:

    Wow, thanks for the info, I hadn't thought of doing this. Is there some reason why you picked a 6% solution rather than a stronger solution?

  31. Ondina D says:

    I order it a couple of wks ago just waiting on it to get here! Do u use it for baking or just for ur coffees? Can't remember…I have so many recipes of urs…lol

  32. Mrs BabyCakes says:

    I bought these to do, but I bought the sucralose you actually use in the video as your using 6g, and I figured I dont really need 100g of it. Especially if it lasts a few months per pipette. This will save us loads of money, thanks for the tip!

  33. Teresa Elizondo says:

    In video you said 6g and the blog 3g , what’s correct ??

  34. gayle crisp says:

    Thanks Ginger! Do you store your sucralose room temperature or in the refrigerator?

  35. gnuism says:

    Very interesting, I will check out your other sweetener video soon, thank you for linking it 😊 Just curious why you prefer to use the sucralose blend in your liquid recipes instead of Stevia, although the latter seems to be more popular? Apologies if you've already discussed this in you other video!

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