Keto Electrolyte Drink Recipe | Do i need Sole Water? How much potassium do i need?

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I am not a doctor or nutritionist. You should always consult your doctor before starting any vitamins or supplement regimens. I am sharing with you what I do on my own personal journey.

Do I need Sole Water? Sole water is a pretty popular term in the keto world. Sole water is basically Pink Himalayan salt left to soak in water. You then take “doses” of the sole water each day to replenish your electrolytes. While many choose to do sole water, I like to make my own Ketoraide drink. It does the same thing as sole water and I think it tastes good too! I’ve been suffering with cramps and just over all tiredness and brain fog. I realized i needed to replenish my electrolytes. After the 3rd day of my ketoraide I am feeling LOTS better!

Some great links for more research on electrolytes and salts:

How much sodium, potassium and magnesium do we need?

Foods high in magnesium

Foods high in potassium

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I'll add some great links with more info here very soon!!

Justina Lee Black

Great info I shared. Thank you. I did , however see Diet Coke in the back ground. FYI: That stuff is very unhealthy.

Miriam Hernandez

Thank you for sharing! I have such a hard time getting my daily potassium requirement.

Gloria Lagroon

Great video. Informative and helpful. I make mine sorta like yours but I add lemon and apple cider vinegar. Never tried the sole water. Probably won't like it. Lol! Thanks Amiee for sharing. 🙂 where do you find the lite salt?

Everyday with Kimber

I have completely forgot about sole water. I made up some how about 2-3 months ago and I think it's still sitting on top of my refrigerator. Do you have any idea if that stuff goes bad? I probably should start making it the way you do when I'm getting ready to drink it instead of making it before time.

Ketogenic Kim

Good info people always forget the electrolytes very important when we're losing all that fluid. Oh how I wish I'd known about keto 20 years ago 🙌☺️


Love your videos! But I’m curious why the salt substitutes instead of more pink salt?

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