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The Tastiest Keto Protein Bars You'll Ever Make

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Do you need a little pick-me-up between breakfast and lunch? When you start to feel peckish, it’s hard to concentrate on anything other than your rumbling tummy. You might try to ignore it but you can’t! When you’re following the Keto plan, choosing the right snacks for your diet can be tricky. Luckily, a Keto protein bar could be your secret weapon!

While the Keto diet plan is a smart and savvy way to slim down, it comes with a set of strict guidelines. To get things right, you need to make sure that each and every meal or snack you have aligns to these rules. That means that you may have to get creative when it comes to making Keto-friendly food at home.

You need something that’s low in carbs but high in protein or healthy fats. It might sound like a tall order but we have the answer. Why not fuel up your day with a delicious, homemade Keto protein bar? These snacks happen to align perfectly with the plan and taste unbelievably moorish!

Let’s talk flavor! Boasting coconut flour, crunchy peanut butter, dates, and dark chocolate, the following Keto protein bar recipe will knock your socks off. Perfectly blending those sweet and slightly bitter tastes makes for the ideal combination. From the moment that you bite into one of the Keto protein bars, you might just find yourself wanting more.

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Ready to get started and make some bars for yourself? Don’t panic if you’re not a whiz in the kitchen. One of the best things about this Keto protein bar recipe is that anybody out there can make it. You don’t need any special skills (you don’t even need to bake!) to make the best Keto protein bars out there. The entire recipe takes around ten-to-twelve minutes!

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  1. Neringa K. says:

    Since when dates we using on keto?

  2. At your link you have the nutritional facts posted. Thank you for taking the time to do so!

    carbs 20g, fiber 3g, sugars 11g, protein 6g

    These aren't keto friendly using 100% of your carbs in one bar.

    Try switching to bakers or 100% dark chocolate, add in a bit more monk fruit sugar replacement instead of brown sugar. It should knock that down to about 1g sugar and 10g carbs, still a bit much for me but this would be better.

  3. Jay Manley says:

    17 grams of carbs is not keto you dummy.

  4. Shelli C says:

    Yes as others have said, brown sugar and dates are far from Keto. These are each too high in carbs to eat. But maybe they work for Paleo? Not sure….

  5. DZ Malekvali says:

    Darling,,putting date dont make it keto any more…but am sure it's tasty. One date =15 gr carbs!! There about…so yours is low sugar not keto my lady. You are hot though. I eat it if give me it…

  6. Patty Sisk says:

    Brown sugar is not keto-friendly. But I'm sure these taste delicious.

  7. Pallavi Sawant says:

    Dates and brown sugar?? Seriously

  8. DZ Malekvali says: are good

  9. DZ Malekvali says:

    Is jeniffer Lopez your cousin??

  10. Rahul says:

    It's not keto

  11. Diala Haddad says:

    Not keto at all. Dates and brown sugar are not keto

  12. EMB says:

    17 net grams of carbs per bar is NOT keto friendly nor considered low carb.

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