My Favourite Keto Meals Swaps

Want wholesome keto meals possible choices? Those simple keto swaps will go away you glad!

Keto-Pleasant Cauliflower Wrap:

Keto-Pleasant Lasagna Recipe:

Cauliflower Pizza:


Wholesome Keto Appropriate Meals Listing:

0:00 My favourite keto swaps
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On this video, we’re going to speak about wholesome keto meals swaps.

Now, a lot of you’re more than likely some non-keto meals—particularly should you’re new to keto. There are lots of wholesome keto-friendly possible choices you’ll be able to check out. Listed here are a few of my favorites.

Burger buns – Check out bibb butterhead lettuce, frosted portobello mushroom tops, and napa cabbage/Chinese language cabbage.

Wraps – Check out cauliflower wraps.

White sugar – Check out allulose, xylitol, erythritol, stevia, and monk fruit.

Maple syrup – Check out xylitol syrup.

Cereal – Check out coconut chips, slivered almonds, berries, and yogurt (sugar-free).

White flour – Check out almond flour.

Noodles – Check out spiral-cut zucchini, spaghetti squash, and shirataki noodles.

Lasagna noodles – Check out keto wraps.

Mashed potatoes – Check out mashed cauliflower.

Rice – Check out cauliflower rice.

Pizza – Check out the usage of a cauliflower crust with eggs and cheese.


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Thank you for observing. I’m hoping this helped come up with some concepts for wholesome keto possible choices to non-keto meals. I’ll see you within the subsequent video.

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  • 7 millions subscribers lol this lunatic has become rich by simply writing stuff we already know on a white board.

  • Hearts of palm noodles and lasagna noodles are available now for a pasta substitute! They are even making rice out of it!

  • I just stick to the whole foods, its so much easier to sustain in the longrun. A diet and living healthy in general quickly becomes a daily task and take up all your time if you don't watch out, so I just try to make the lifestyle as efficient as possible. Luckely for me, I like my food as pure/ fresh and freshly made as possible and don't like to eat "old" food of the Day(s) before. I also prepare and cook most of the time for myself. So making for example a keto friendly based lasagne, especially for just one person, is way to much of a hassle. You always have leftovers aswell, which I don't like anyway. Its also not that healthy, instead of just keeping your meal more pure and having a shorter prepareration process. I recommend Just to get rid of the addiction to foods like wheat, dairy, cheese and junkfood like chips, fries, pizza. You really can live without, but you have to slowly adjust and realize it takes time to get used to not eating those things. What works for me is if I really want to snack or have a strong irresistible craving, I just eat some dark chocolate or some nuts (which are lesser processed foods and dense and satisfying). Even if I over eat a little of those foods it's still a lot less worse than wheat products or pizza. But then again I eat to heal from some health issues so I have a lot of motivation to stick to my lifestyle and also have the strong mindset of ''I eat to live'' instead of ''living to eat''.

  • *******For those who wish to consume Xylitol, be sure not to have your dogs lick it.. "Xylitol is extremely toxic to dogs." Xylitol is extremely toxic to dogs. Even small amounts of xylitol can cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), seizures, liver failure or even death in dogs." ********

  • How about Kelp noodles for a substitute for noodles? Any opinions would be appreciated?

  • Hello Dr.Berg, great video as usual! However, your video on Allulose doesn't seem to be online anymore. I would be interest in listening your opinion about it, as I heard it's the sweetener that's most similar to normal white sugar in consistency and taste: I just don't like the other sweeteners, like Stevia, erythritol, etc…

  • Dr. Berg. I am IR. I also have a child deathly allergic to both almonds and coconut. What are my options? I have a hard time finding sunflower flour, but it is the only option I can find.

  • I clicked the link to your Allulose video but it says it’s private and I’m unable to access it. Is it possible to access it some other way?

  • I have question: How do I prevent acidification or even ketoacidosis through a ketogenic diet?

  • Keto diet and desserts, fitness and weight loss all in telegram @keto_desserts_fitness

  • Chuño: These freeze-dried potatoes serve as a traditional ingredient in some Quechua communities. Chuño has been eaten since before the time of the Inca. To make them, locals spread a series of small potatoes on the ground, and leave them outside overnight to freeze in chilly temperatures.

  • Potatoes are full of vitamins and minerals a large potato has more protein than a medium egg. Potatoes saved millions of lives they are only bad if fried or potato chips. Mashed baked roasted very yummy.

  • The Best New Year Gift for the peace of mind.

     "SIGN OFF" !!!


  • 1:14 what you want to buy flouride toothpaste or buy locally cut no flouride toothpaste type vibe😅

  • Great swaps right here. 👍Thank you for sharing these with us all. Take care & Happy new year everybody. 🎉🥂🙂❤🐶

  • Dr. Berg, you've mentioned the health benefits of apple cider vinegar in numerous videos. What about red wine vinegar? Is that an appropriate swap? I've got a salad vinaigrette recipe that tastes better with red wine vinegar than apple cider vinegar. Your thoughts?

  • Great concise video. For men who don't want their testosterone to be affected, try not to consume flaxseed.

  • I like cauliflower crust for pizza and wraps, but almond crust is WAAAAAY better. I understand that cauliflower is better for you because it’s a cruciferous veggie, but….

  • Dr Berg would you address the gas that cauliflower causes? I tried the pizza crust and a mac n cheese substitute and both gave me.gas like I've never experienced. It was so bad that I now fear anything that contains cauliflower. I want to try the pizza crust with radishes instead, they agree with me!

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