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BEST Pantry List of Foods for Diabetes | Keeping Your Blood Sugar in Check!! | EatingWell

These dietitian-approved staples to keep in your kitchen will help ensure you have healthy meals from breakfast to dinner, while keeping your blood sugar in check.
Keeping your pantry supplied with these diabetes-friendly foods can make mealtimes easier while helping to keep your blood sugars in a healthy range. These convenient ingredients follow the principles of a diabetes-friendly diet, so what you’ll see are heart-healthy fats (like olive oil), high-fiber whole grains and legumes, lean protein, low-salt seasonings, healthy fruit-based sweet treats and plenty of shelf-stable fruits and veggies.

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  1. janet bruner says:

    More great ideas, thanks. You’re keeping me on track 👍

  2. Alain says:

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  3. Johnra Brown says:

    Great information

  4. Linda Fredriksen says:

    I wish people would stop recommending canola oil and other vegetable oils. They really ruin your health. Stick with the good old olive oil. And also stay away from rice, it's nothing but carbohydrates which is really bad for a diabetic.

  5. madeleine bari says:

    Great ideas thanks Victoria.

  6. janet bruner says:

    Thanks for all the great ideas. I don’t feel deprived anymore!!

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  8. Tom Ysis says:

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  9. shaukat satti says:

    Great idea thanks a lot

  10. iSaidWithCheese says:

    You lost me at whole grain, whether bread, rice or pasta. It will spike ur blood sugar. Avoid them at all cost.

  11. Meaghan Tyler says:

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  12. Without Limits Missouri Prepper says:

    i love brown rice but it does not last as long n a perpper pantry

  13. James Fredrick says:

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  14. Fairy Flits says:

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  17. руслан жиров says:

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  18. Barbara Carballo says:

    Not all diabetics are the same. Oatmeal and grains raise my blood sugars over 200 half of the items you have listed I have removed from my pantry. Apparently you do not know that everyone's diabetes is not the same. Foods my diabetic husband can eat I can not so please be careful what you tell people

  19. Sherrie Ash says:

    For soups with tomato juice, I use something like V-8 juice. No one notices the difference, but I think it may be healthier.

  20. Simple SarahGirl says:

    No canola oil. If so it needs to be expeller pressed. Still not ideal
    Stick to coconut, evoo, or avacdo oil.
    A great channel to learn that I've loved is FlavCity with Bobby Parish. Check him out!

  21. Jovem Visionario says:

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  22. The Diabetic Diet Show says:

    good info. Is it ok if I promote your cookbook on my channel?

  23. Rick R says:

    I'm type 2 and give in to my sweet tooth too often. I'm going to start a food pantry in my community mainly towards targeting diabetics. I'll offer good stuff and not junk shite foods. Doing my homework now and need to get my A1C down so I'm not a hypocrite. I love oatmeal but mostly in cookies with raisins and dome brown sugar. My taste buds need to be trained to like blander things, a rough process at 65 yrs old😥

  24. Maxwell Meil says:


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  25. Another One says:

    Whole grains? Not any more, folks. Saving the planet has become hazardous to living men, women, animals & nature. Research … THEN you'll have "healthy" meals.

  26. Sarah Strong says:

    Brown rice is very bad for diabetics. You need to leave out grains they are too high in carbohydrates.

  27. jacqueline Walker says:

    No honey got me .it shoot up my blood sugar. But the test of info is great.

  28. Aha Moment says:

    I also love coconut oil as an anti-inflammatory oil! I'm just looking in the pantry I'd like to share an idea that I use instead of the peanut butter cups I use really dark chocolate 72 or above and some of that Teddy peanut butter and I make my own homemade peanut butter cup!

  29. Andrew Parker says:

    I really want to appreciate Doctor Salami on his YouTube channel for curing my diabetes.All thanks to him if you suffer from any kind of illness

  30. Jennie Rose says:

    🌾Whole grains 1:35
    🛢Oils 2:49
    🍷Vinegar 3:18
    🍿Snacks 5:25
    🌰Nuts 7:10
    🥫Canned food 7:20
    🧂Seasoning 9:14

  31. Mercy Fred says:

    Thank you Dr Osas for curing me from diabetes am forever grateful sir.

  32. dan deribas says:


  33. Lisa Molinar says:

    I'm so glad that I just looked this up because I have no idea what a diabetic supposed to eat in my husband is in serious serious help with his diet to help him heal his body from a double vascular surgery so thank you so much for this segue into my learning on how to cook for my husband I want to keep him alive for a very long time so I'm hoping that I learned new style cooking in order to help him because I think my old way of cooking is not helping him is not being beneficial for his body

  34. Gator Nation says:

    I just got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes today. Thank you for your ideas.

  35. Tom McKeon says:

    I believe that grape seed oil is also a diabetic friendly oil and has a very high smoke temp, making it great for higher heat cooking.

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