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2 Ingredient Low Carb Tortillas | Keto

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2 Ingredient Low Carb Tortillas | Keto

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2 Ingredient Low Carb Tortillas | Keto
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  1. Steve Wade says:

    Any idea of the shelf life?

  2. Majida Jajo says:


  3. openbutterflies Epperson says:

    This recipe has 8 ingredients. Why is it advertised as a 2 ingredient recipe?

  4. Marie Kaz says:

    I didn't have coconut flour so I tried with oat flour (Bob's Red Mill). It turned out great! Delicious. I will get Coconut flour next trip and try with that.

  5. Kiva says:

    This looks yummy thanks honey

  6. Chris Light says:

    Family was having tacos tonight, decided to try this recipe. My first one turned into scrambled eggs, the second one was a bit holy, #3,4&5 were great! Smaller seems to be better with these, and only the best non-stick/well seasoned cast iron you have will do! My execution of the recipe worked, but noticed some lumps so I didn't mix well enough. They held up their shape quite well considering, and the flavour was not eggy or coconuty, the texture is not as chewy as flour tortillas, but definitely a great choice for tacos! Thanks for this recipe, gonna keep a blend of the dry ingredients to make whipping a few up a breeze!

  7. Linda Scroggins says:

    Please redo this recipe. Which is right, 3/4 c. (4 eggs whites) or equivalent of 8 egg whites (1 &1/2 c.)
    Plus water?
    I prepared 1/2 the recipe…42 grams coconut flour & used 4 Egg whites (3/4 c.)….it was very thick. I added water & it turned out eggy & split & fell apart

  8. John Kerr says:

    Cat on table next to food. Ummm no. Touch cat …touch food. Be careful.

  9. Zen Lysa says:

    You Guys Rock

  10. Shawn Matthews says:

    Very nice! Thank you!

  11. I tried the 5 times and the batter stuck terribly every time to my non stick pan with or without oil. How much water did you add?

  12. mizzlady5 says:

    What happened to 2 ingredients? This is way more!

  13. Ileana Huertas says:

    Hola no hablo inglรฉs alguien puede traducir lo en espaรฑol?

  14. Marielle Cabie says:

    Waste of time and ingredients. Don't try this. The mixture just looks like white eggs that breaks apart when flipping them

  15. Suzi says:

    I could imagine these as crepes too ๐Ÿ˜‹

  16. Laugh At Life With Diana says:

    Great!! Iโ€™m so gunna try this tomorrow. Thx!!

  17. Denise Spurlock says:

    Does the Keto diet work for weight loss if you are insulin resistant?

  18. Carbage Man says:

    That's the most ingredients I've ever seen in a two-ingredient recipe. ๐Ÿ˜†

  19. Dr. Nathan Thomas says:

    Just rub the cat and then put yo nasty hands back on the food SMDH

  20. Genevieve Sylvester says:

    I have tried and tried and I donโ€™t know whatโ€™s wrong. It always sticks. What temp are you using, what are you using to grease the pan if any. WTF am I doing wrong!?,

  21. TomK. says:

    Why are low carb tortillas always so small? No burrito for you!

  22. Miracle Herbal Diversity says:

    It looks yummy with low kat , thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ‘

  23. Brian Levine says:

    Sounds Perfect for enchiladas.

  24. Anthony Ramirez says:

    Can you sub the coconut flour with almond flower?

  25. Jessica Armenta says:

    I made these today, they were eggy, coconuty, and they fell apart. I did not like them at all. Thanks for the idea though.

  26. B D Madsen says:

    Did you try adding a small amount of Vital Wheat Gluten? I know there are a lot of people who need things gluten free but I wonder if it would firm it just a bit. I am worried about it tasting too eggy. I will defiantly give them a try. Thanks for all your diligence in finding the perfect keto tortillas.

  27. Anna Health Coach - Naturopath says:

    How to make it vegan?

  28. Jo Karr says:

    Could you use almond flour instead?

  29. Roni Hyndman says:

    6 ingreds, cat on table really???

  30. DNL lingo says:

    What Is the carb count per serving?

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