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I have been making this keto meatloaf recipe as long as I can remember. My mom is Italian and I learned a lot about cooking by watching her and my Noni cook everything with an Italian spin. Naturally, the meatloaf would be inspired as well with it’s rich notes of Marsala wine, the trinity (onion, celery, and carrot -which I replaced with a pepper instead), and Parmesan cheese. Prepare this recipe up ahead of time and just stick it in the oven when it’s time to cook. Reheat and recreate other recipes using the leftover meatloaf too! I love to make meatloaf croutons and put them over a salad of mixed greens. Seriously, it’s amazing!

You’ll want to saute the diced peppers, onion, & celery up ahead of time for this keto meatloaf Italian style so that they are not crunchy in your meatloaf. My kids won’t eat their meatloaf if they see chunks of peppers and onions, despite the fact that they absolutely love raw peppers with ranch as a snack. So I always cook them first so they are soft but full of flavor in my keto meatloaf. You will also want to make my sugar free keto ketchup for this recipe.
Once the veggies have sauted in butter, hit them with a splash of Marsala wine and render. Add the veggie medley to the rest of the recipe and mix well. Place on a baking pan and top with ketchup. Bake at 400 degrees for 30 mins, or until the center is 160 degrees.

Keto Sugar Free Low Carb Ketchup:
Keto Meatloaf Croutons:

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For the complete keto meatloaf recipe visit:

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  1. Amy A says:

    Yummo! Thank you, Jess!

  2. TeamDaveAndMon says:

    This is awesome. I love meatloaf and you could never have too many meatloaf recipes LOL. TFS 🙂

  3. Sherismiley says:

    I cant wait to make this along with your ketchup!!! YUM!!!! :)) Thanks Jess!!

  4. Anna A. says:

    Thank you Jess!! Definitely making this. Great videos!! Tfs

  5. Caroline Theberge says:

    Lovely recipes Jess Thankyou!! Are there any macros for these recipes?

  6. American! -Mexican says:

    Looks delicious!! I’m making it for meal prep this weekend 🤗
    What would be a serving size when cutting the meatloaf?

  7. Seriously, you are the Best !!! I guess I will stay up all night " binging" on your youtube video's. I've got pen and paper writing it all down…and my Cat =^..^= "Lexie Ray" right beside me. Thank You for sharing your knowledge with people you do not even know. I do not know what to think about a young lady like yourself being so kind and thoughtful to make these video's and not charge me any money, you my dear are a rare human being. I know Jesus is smiling down at you. I am so proud of you . Regards.

  8. Clarkie Penney says:

    What is the brand of scale you use? I like the light up feature!

  9. Martina Martinez says:

    Looks delicious 😋 thank you, Jess

  10. Les Williams says:

    Omg girl go look at the cheese danish video and this one wow you are rocking this keto thing

  11. Toni Jurkones says:

    Hello 💜❤️💙👍

  12. Cali L says:

    I hid veggies in my meatloaf too when my children were at home. I took celery, spinach, gr. peppers, mushrooms and onions and tossed in my food processor. Almost pureed them 🙂 then gave a quick stir fry with avo oil and garlic before I added to my meat.
    I would also place 3 hard boiled eggs down the center of my meatloaf. Then, when I sliced it, there was a "ring" of egg in the middle of each slice. My children could never figure out how the egg got in there. Extra protein, extra yumminess 🙂

  13. Mia Bunker says:

    Hey Jess
    I have great tips for your meatloaf. Before putting the ketchup on top, take a fork and take it over the top of the loaf. This makes the top super crispy. Great recipe…thx

  14. Karla Robinson says:

    Where can I buy the Marsala Wine? TIA

  15. Rosie Rose says:

    Oh. My. Word. I made this tonight! Beyond good!

  16. Rosie Rose says:

    @Karla Robinson, I picked up the wine at my local grocery store (Safeway, in Oregon) it was with all of the other wines, not in the cooking isle. 🙂

  17. Rosie Rose says:

    Anyway to get the Macros for this wonderful meatloaf?

  18. Susan Heller says:

    I did a search to find this recipe because I heard you talk about it in another more recent video. Thanks so much. So delicious. I left out the parmesan and substituted avocado oil for the butter because I don't mix meat and dairy together And used tomato paste instead of ketchup since I didn't have any. My son thought it tasted like meatballs in a loaf. So next time I think I will make one loaf pan and then make meatballs out of the rest. I will be making this soon. Meanwhile, I am looking forward to the leftovers. Jess, you are the best!!!

  19. Lynn Raasakka says:

    I LOVE meatloaf! Thank you for sharing this delicious looking recipe!! And keto to boot! 👌

  20. Lydia Lopez says:

    YUM! meatloaf! I am adding this to my recipe repertoire! I will make mine with sugar free BBQ sauce! by the way, I love your giggles!! so proud of you on your weight loss journey!

  21. cookielady1111 says:


  22. Shatha M.J says:

    Hi Jess.. It was my first time I made meatloaf and I did it with this recipe ..OMG it was so yummy!! And my husband also loved it, he’s now finally considering to start keto with me .. Yay!!!!

  23. Judy Rickards says:

    What is the serving size please?

  24. Lalita Price says:

    This recipe is bomb I made it two days ago 😃

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