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What I Eat In A Day | Keto Vegetarian Diet | Weekend Edition | Easy to Keto

Most days, I practice intermittent fasting but on weekends, I like to splurge a little. Here is a full day of eating while being on a vegetarian keto diet (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner). Comment below if you’d like to see more of these videos or what you eat in a day.

Recipe for Keto Biscuits:
Recipe for Spicy Keto Mushroom Soup:

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  1. Hyacinth Bucket says:

    You use to eat meat?

    You decided to turn vegetarian?

    Good for you, good choice.

  2. Ankit Khatri says:

    Where are you ? you lost since couple of months

  3. nakea simone says:

    Ive been subbed to you for over a year and I didn’t have the notification bell checked🤦🏾‍♀️ now I must binge watch your videos thank you for sharing I cannot wait to try your recipes:)

  4. Dana Seymour says:

    Oh my word!! I almost cried when I opened this video and heard your voice Hetal. I’ve been using your recipes and watching your videos on “Show me the Curry” for 15 years now. So grateful you are still cooking and sharing with us. Subscribed immediately! 😍

  5. Chelsey Nikole says:

    YUM! Making the quesadillas tomorrow for sure

  6. Humpty Dumpty says:

    Whats easy in these fancy recepies

  7. Rashmi Patel says:

    Hey dear where I can buy totias and which brand it is ?

  8. Vic S says:

    I did keto about a year ago and lost 10 pounds I recently turned vegetarian but wanted to do keto again and I was really struggling to figure out what to eat. I am very grateful for your videos and I love mushrooms.

  9. Promi Akter says:


  10. Vipul Bhavsar says:

    Nice video

  11. Nutrisystem Discount Codes says:

    You are an inspiration. Love your videos

  12. Reeta Kapur says:

    Didi where is your friend

  13. Urvashi Gutka says:

    Can u send amazon link for ur keto tortillas?

  14. Sandra Edwards says:

    I’ve been a lacto-ovo vegetarian for over 30 years . I am about 10-15 lbs overweight and post menopausal. I tried keto for the past 6 months. I initially lost about 7 lbs ( in first 2 months) but no further weight loss. I think I was over doing cheese and heavy cream ( which I read is better than half and half for keto). I got discouraged around thanksgiving and went off keto. I plan to get back on the keto wagon , and hope your channel can help me get more variety and nutritious options. Most of the other channels have a big meat component which goes against my humanity. Thank you so much for providing vegetarians with the ability to go keto.

  15. golden mermaid says:

    Hey its way too far from currys to keto. Learnt cooking from you guys. Its so nice to see you again .

  16. Kim wade says:

    I am a vegetarian new to keto, so glad I found your channel 🙂

  17. Gaurav Surbhi says:

    What is lupin? And how do u prepare it? X

  18. AnilaDhaliwal says:

    Wow look what I found ?.. it’s you from curry to this channel I am happy I have subscribed your channel….as I was looking vegi keto diet recipe🙌😘💯👌🍲🌸

  19. Sonal Lele says:

    Isnt it the same home where you both used to do the cooking videos 7 yrs bk?

  20. dipz des says:

    Are you the same who had show me curry channel…nice to see u after long time…good luck ✌️

  21. Sue Wilkinson says:

    Would love to see more veggie what I eat in a days vids. Thanks so much!

  22. A C says:

    This is amazing! thanks for sharing. Where do you buy the Lupin flour. And is there any recipe for dosa and sambhar! Craving for it 🙁

  23. nandita malik says:

    Is it okay to have a teaspoon or so of erythritol/monk fruit daily?

  24. Charanya V says:

    Please make more videos like these! Great to get ideas for a vegetarian keto diet

  25. Madhu Koka says:

    Hi Hetal- Made the broccoli cheddar soup yesterday and savoring it bowl by bowl. Thanks for a delicious recipe. Can you please post a low carb recipe for Thepla?❤️

  26. Natalia Mehta says:

    Your Keto recipes are godsend for vegetarians. I Look forward to your recipes. Please don’t stop experimenting with your recipes.

  27. tinu0121 says:

    Walmart sells 'OLE' brand of tortillas. They have spinach flavor and regular flaxseed variety. 4g net carbs/tortilla. Love those

  28. Carine Keza says:

    You look gorgeous beautiful skin and your voice so calm. Thank you i love how you eat i wll try it🙌

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