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15 Surprising Foods People Would NEVER Consider Keto Friendly

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Trying to figure out what you can or can’t eat on a diet be a headache at times because you may feel that your options are limited. So today we are talking 15 FOODS you probably didn’t know were ketogenic foods!! Let’s just dive right in and get to it! I’ll see you in the COMMENTS!!

Buffalo Wings (not breaded)

Depends where you go for these, but they typically contain:
no more than 1g of carb
just under 10g of protein, and the same for fat, per one wing (this is just really dependant on where you get them from)

Cheese Platter

*You’d probably want to make your own, but a pre-made cheese platter (on average, for the entire thing) is usually:

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50g fat
8g carb
45g protein

Nut Mix (Walnuts, Almond, Brazil Nuts, Macadamias)


18g fat
~4g carb
4g protein


14g fat
6g carb
6g protein

Brazil Nuts

19g fat
3.5g carb
4g protein


21g fat
~4g carb
2g protein

Berries (in moderation)

1 cup:
less than 1g fat
21g carb
3g fiber
1g protein

1 cup:
less than 1g fat
11g carb
2g fiber
1g protein

1 cup:
less than 1g fat
14g carb
8g fiber
2g protein

Heavy Cream/Whipped Cream

Heavy Whipping Cream
1 tbsp:
6g fat
less than 1g carb
less than 1g protein

Whipped Cream

Depends on brand, and isn’t great, but still technically keto friendly:

1 tbsp:
.7g fat
.4g carb
less than 1g protein

(Melted) Baking Chocolate w/ stevia/monk fruit
1 square:
15g fat
9g carb
4.8g fiber
3.7 protein

Cream Cheese

1 tbsp:
5g fat
.6g carb
.9g protein

1 cup:
.4g fat
3.5g carb
1.4g protein

Beef Sticks (Chomps)
1 stick:
6g fat
0g carb
9g protein

Depends on brand again, or if it’s homemade, but the Wholly Guacamole bowl brand has, per 2 tbsp:
6g fat
2g carb
1g protein

Wine/Clear Liquor/Low-Carb Beers
Red (and white) Wine
5 fl oz:
~4g carb

Hard alcohol (Not usually made with added sugars or flavorings, so it’s a good default zero-carb choice.) Tequila, vodka, etc.

Safe Chasers: Diet tonic water, Seltzer water, and Erythritol or stevia instead of sugar

Red: Cabernet Sauvignon (3.8 grams), Merlot (3.7 grams)
Whites: Sauvignon Blanc (2.7 grams), Chardonnay (3.7 grams)

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For beers, choose light options like:

Rolling Rock Green Light: 2.4 carbs
Natural Light: 3.2 carbs
Miller Lite: 3.2 carbs

Pork Rinds
9g fat
0g carb
17g protein

Cheese Crisps (whisps)
1 serving (23 crisps):
10g fat
1g carb
13g protein

Peanut Butter (Organic Peanut Butter, Unsweetened & No Salt)
2 tbsp
17g fat
7g carbs
3g fiber
8g protein

Pumpkin Seeds
1 cup:
12g fat
34g carb
12g fiber
12g protein


Chia pudding
Cream cheese cookies
Low carb onion rings
coconut flour, eggs, whipping cream, pork rinds and parmesan cheese
Fudge fat bombs
(keto) pigs in a blanket
almond flour, egg, cheese, and baking powder
Lemon bars

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  1. Lori Bernardo says:

    I can't have dairy or munk fruit or stevia. I have autoimmune. I haven't tried keto but started intermittent fasting. I am grain, gluten, dairy, sugar, processed food, soy, and legume free. Just doing IF is helping a lot. So I still eat higher carb fruit on moderation. I might try keto for more results.

  2. The Creative Time Traveller says:


  3. Phil Vannucci says:

    Football starts this week!!
    Hot wings are awesome!!
    Been on the keto diet a week.
    Already losing weight.
    Thanks for everything,Thomas.
    I saw your videos just in the knick of time.
    Your a good dude.

  4. Miss Mamalady says:

    I hear you, Thomas. However aged cheese has higher salt content and can lead to high blood pressure.

  5. Space Captain says:

    Thomas: I'm going to tell you about some foods you would never think are keto friendly… *lists all of the most common keto foods besides bacon and cauliflower*

  6. Space Captain says:

    You don't need an air fryer to make buffalo wings. Just dry bake the wings in the oven, until they are cooked through and the skin is crisp. Then put the sauce on, and serve.

  7. K.C. McQueen says:

    Listen to this guy at speed 75% !!! much better!!! lol

  8. david david says:

    Oh, no. Not peanut butter. I can't limit my peanut butter. When I eat it, I eat too much. It's addictive. So easy to push over my carb limit when eating it by the spoonful. 4 carbs here. 6 carbs there. Big spoon with 8 carbs. After 3 dives into the jar, my carb day is past the limit. Just like potato chips – I can't have just 1.

  9. Laura Krisfalusi says:

    I appreciate that you’ve done so much studying on Keto and it’s worked so great for you and so many people that follow you. But I can not follow any of this.I think I need a large white board with a “good side & bad side” LOL

  10. Mikie Soliven says:

    I eat all that food still no proble. losing weight..not gonna listen to you

  11. J Cora says:

    Put plain peanuts in a food processor and add just a touch of Avocado oil and salt. Peanut butter! Cheap and easy.

  12. Pokemon Gym Challenges says:

    I still drink milk…

  13. William Grant says:

    Spiritual food.. let's turn to God let's repent and ask for forgiveness let's study God's word and thank God for sending Jesus and all he's done Thank you God! Shepherdschapelcom Theseasonorg explains the whole Bible God bless

  14. Judy S says:

    Love this! People think when you say keto it means the old way and they start thinking your killing yourself.

  15. Nagoolen pillay Renghen says:

    What about real honey

  16. Lyle Burns says:

    I realized that the Yum Yum sauce on the Shelf at Walmart only has 3 carbs for 2 tablespoons! That is less than cream cheese and Miracle Whip which both have four carbs for 2 tablespoons. And adds a totally different flavor profile then the ranch and Southwest dressings that I normally use. Really good on scrambled eggs!

  17. tannertuner says:

    I’ve always grilled my own Buffalo wings. They are a Saturday staple especially during football season and we’ve considered them keto the entire time. I don’t particularly share his concern about chicken fat, and wings are low fat white meat anyway.

    Paying the prices wings restaurants charge for 1/2 dozen wing pieces is stupid unless you’re in a place like that with friends watching a game or some other special occasion, which usually leads to not just wings but large amounts of beer as well. So you get out of there for $75 for two people for something you could have done at home for $20.

    I get two family size packs of (usually 14 whole) wings at Walmart for just over $2/lb which gives me 56 pieces for around $20 and I’ll marinate them in my own choice of spices and then apply the wing sauce on the grill just like barbecuing chicken (except for the lemon pepper wings I have to do for my daughter).

    Another of our keto chicken staples is “greaseless” fried chicken thighs. It’s not what you think and you don’t flour the chicken. I have a very nice stainless electric skillet (two actually). It’s just sea salt, pepper and no oil. You preheat the skillet to 400 and pack the thighs in the dry skillet skin side down as close as you can wad them in there then cover (place a fork under the lid to allow the moisture to escape). Cook about 20 minutes (or a little less) on that side then turn and cook on the other side for 10 minutes and they’re done. The skin will stick to the stainless when trying to turn it so you’ll need a sharp spatula or it takes practice with tongs. But you want to save the skin because it will give you the fried chicken crunch and it’s where all that flavor is. But always skin side down first or else they will tear all to pieces trying to turn them and you’ll have a mess. You’ll be surprised how much fat renders out of the chicken. I suppose you could add water to it for chicken stock. Put leftovers in the fridge and grab one when you must have a ketovore snack.

    And yes, cream cheese. I make a mean keto cheesecake. Substitute swerve for the sugar and almond flour for the graham cracker crumbs. We lost about 15% body weight in 90 days and had either peanut butter cup fat bombs (homemade peanut butter) or cheesecake always available. And I did it with zero exercise.

  18. Silent Drive says:

    What is your opinion on the Lumen? The device that "The first device to hack your metabolism" supposedly. Saw it in a add in this video.

  19. Salma Ladha says:

    Dr. Jacob Wilson says, "So, ketogenic diet is going to be great, but fasting it probably promotes the highest amount of___ketogenesis___ and that occurs, when that occurs your brain 70% or more of its fuel is from actually ketones.

    IG : Salma.ladha
    Salma Ladha

  20. angel whispers says:

    So fresh ground peanut butter…

  21. Jim Ivey says:

    It is fairly easy to find organic half-and-half and organic heavy cream but it is difficult to find these products grass fed. Suggestions?

  22. N3ILA says:

    Cheese lovers skip pre shredded cheese as they contain, anti-caking agents " which is made up of cellulose, potato starch, cornstarch, calcium sulfate, and natamycin ! Buy the regular block of cheese and shred it yourself.

  23. Dizzie Chef says:

    I make my own wine. My fav is Australian Malbec. Chilean Malbec is good also ! It’s higher in the pectin. I guess in my car boy right now is Italian Valpolacella. wine. ( spelled wrong )

  24. Dizzie Chef says:

    Thank you so much for the added chart for us. I’m so happy you added that.

  25. Tommy Freudenthal says:

    Has eryth become bad now?

  26. Jim T says:

    Who drinks milk these days? Ask the dairy manager at a large store about how many gallons of milk they sale each week.

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