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Hey loves,

This week I’m back with another Keto experiment! I wondered if I could eat fast food more than once in a week and still lose…so I put it to the test! I ate keto fast food meals for 5 days straight to see if I would still lose weight. I also included some other meal ideas, a mini haul and some chit chat! I hope that you enjoy this video and if you do, don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe!

Much love,
Tiff, Xo
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  1. BoldandBeautiful01 says:

    Wow!! All that yummy food and still lose weight?!! I’m here for it!!! 🙌🏽🔥👏🏽 New subbie 🥰

  2. Love Shack 💕 says:

    For transparency u should show us how much u lost on the scale instead of just telling us . Show the proof

  3. Emily B says:

    I am new to your channel and I really enjoy the long videos. The long videos are you trying different weight loss experiments or challenges. I am trying to start Keto and the information you provide is really helpful. Thank you😊

  4. Romaine C says:

    I literally just came across your channel! Just started keto! Your videos are so inspiring. You definitely deserve more subscribers!! I love your energy!!!! ❤️❤️

  5. shariz reyes says:

    I love your long detailed video. You don’t keep anything out you keep everything 100 and I love it.

  6. royaleBlack says:


  7. Rena Doll says:

    What I fun way to stay not only accountable but unbored

  8. JustBeingBre says:

    I want to try keto but im obsessed with calorie counting and thats so tiring .

  9. Kimberly Herring says:

    Thanks for showing us the food can be good and low carb

  10. Ohh Me So Hungry says:

    I really want to know where you got that dress in the thumbnail! It’s everything 🙌🏾

  11. BeautifulGirl96 says:


  12. j21589m says:

    I like the long videos too, I multitask, crocheting usually.

    I’ve been binging your videos, trying to finish a a project. Thanks for sharing your journey and all the great ideas.

  13. berrygirlfinn says:

    I love your long videos! Can’t nobody tell me you not my friend -girl chatting along with me while I cook and clean! Be talking back aloud to you and everything! 😂😂😂 Anyways sitting here talking mad notes! Trying everything cause I am visiting my sister in the States!!! ❤️

  14. AHOY THERE YO-HO-HO ARRR! Pirates ship says:

    How dare you make a mockery of keto food. This is not keto diet

  15. Karini Panini says:

    string beans are not keto

  16. Debra Pilcher says:

    Are you still going to the gym, if so how many times per week and about how long? Thinking to join a gym. That may be what my keto lifestyle is missing. I love all of your videos long and short.

  17. debbie green says:

    That tea is so sweet. I enjoyed this.

  18. debbie green says:

    You have to spray it at every use. Typical, spray and go. As time goes on it's just like anything else…it either wears out or wears thin. Food looks tasty!

  19. lynda morley says:

    I like your long or short videos. I just love listening to your voice, so relaxing and soothing and your videos are full of great recipes! I hope you never stop making videos. Be blessed.

  20. C. R. says:

    Love the content, but PLEASE make these shorter. 20 minutes would be perfect. How about speeding up the video through the chopping/cooking stuff?

  21. Jerrica kral says:

    Very glad I came across your video today. I'm on the go all the time and I make it a challenge to myself that if I have to pull into a fast food restaurant I try and find a keto option. Never hurts to ask. But you opened my eyes on quite a few things. So thank you!!

  22. ButtahscotchKisses says:

    New subbie. I love that you eat foreal. No bird food. Plus the drink combos tho! I can't wait to go get some of those tenders from popeyes. Thank you so much for what you do sis. 💚 From Cali

  23. Diamond Dior says:

    I'm trying to learn. Food looks great, buy do you teach us how to actually make it? Like measurements, ingredients, etc

  24. Shay Helena says:

    I love long videos !!! These are my favorite cause I’m always in the kitchen cooking

  25. Barbara Wall says:

    Please please please say "I have not EATEN"…not "I have not ATE". Improper grammar is just a big pet peeve w me!

  26. Marie Marie says:

    Since I've been watching the videos, I have yet to hear her say she's losing weight All her advertised video's she looks the same. Can someone please direct me to the videos that she gives her weight loss.

  27. kathy bolen says:

    How much gave you been able to lose??

  28. BubblesLuvsYa81 says:

    In the future, you can freeze almond flour so it doesn't go bad.

  29. Star Lite says:

    So did you lose weight eating out?

  30. SIMPLYME! says:

    Can u do a video on keto alcoholic drinks

  31. Erica Amos says:

    Love love love your videos sister from another mother. I’ve gained so many keto ideas from your channel. Everything is on point and you look amazing love. ❤️❤️💋💋💋

  32. Amy Rose says:

    If you lived by me I just know we’d be friends! Thank u for all these recipes and ideas

  33. MsKaye000 says:

    I think you sure doing pretty OK, you could have lost more you have to remember what fast food cook their food in counts as well and the chicken sand which from chic feel was breaded. If you did more of strict ketone you would have lost 6 pounds in a week. But overall still good options for those not as strict but still want to be a little healthier.

  34. Hopeee Walter says:

    Congratulations!! Thank you for the support and great videos. Love the double yoke eggs!

  35. Ketogranny's Way says:

    How is eating keto different from your lifestyle diet before keto what did your meals look like or was they basically like you're eating now

  36. Ketogranny's Way says:

    Girl I will order the keto tacos and go home and break out my low carb tortilla or make me a tortilla like a crepe using eggs and put all that deliciousness from that taco in my tortilla and add some sour cream some salsa and some more meat more cheese too probably semi-oh homemade can't beat it love the videos very inspiring and I'm like long videos if the content is good

  37. Ketogranny's Way says:

    Wow I never thought of making a chaffle omelette that's a great idea maybe if you would have greased your dash a little more and not fill it so much it probably would not stick but I'm going to try that girl you give me some new ideas thank you much love this

  38. Ketogranny's Way says:

    That's a good idea get the sweet and tea I mean the unsweetened tea and add a Kool-Aid pack to it DIY semi homemade great idea

  39. Ketogranny's Way says:

    Question how many carbs do you allow yourself a day and do you do net carbs or total carbs do you journal how do you keep count of your carbs per day

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