Keto Diet Without Veggies Explained By Dr.Berg

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Don’t like greens? Right here’s how you’ll be able to get extra veggies on keto.

0:00 I need to do keto, however I don’t like greens
0:10 Why you wish to have greens on keto
0:46 The way to get extra vegetable on keto (for many who don’t like veggies)

On this video, we’re going to speak about what to do if you wish to do the ketogenic nutrition however you don’t love to devour greens.

It is a commonplace scenario that may occur. You’re going to lose a large number of fats, and we need to stay the fats going in the course of the liver and the gallbladder; with out greens, it’s tough to flush all of that out.

The nutrients, minerals, and phytonutrients present in greens also are necessary for your well being and wellbeing.

First, get started via occupied with greens that you simply do like—most likely there’s a minimum of a pair. On the very least, eat various greens that you simply do like.

Those are another techniques you’ll be able to get extra greens on keto in the event you don’t like greens:
• Kale shakes (conceal style with berries)
• Use dips, like hummus or guacamole (with carrots and celery)
• Fermented greens (like pickles and sauerkraut)
• Inexperienced powders (like wheatgrass juice powder)
• Meals concentrates
• Steamed spinach with protein

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Thank you for looking at. I am hoping this helped come up with concepts for purchasing extra greens on your nutrition on keto in the event you don’t like greens. I’ll see you within the subsequent video.

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  • I'm eleven, overweight, 130 pounds, hate myself.

    I absolutely hate all vegetables. There isn't a single one I like. Hate the taste, hate the texture, just everything.

    When you say it's absolutely impossible to lose weight, I think you're right. I just want to lose weight so bad, but it feels like I never will because I hate vegetables! I don't want to make it hard on myself. I have a weak stomach and I get nauseous going on a little merry-go-round for like 20 seconds for 2 days. I also have acid reflux. So I don't want to force the vegetables down with wanting to throw up. I want something that's cheap, easy to make, and it's really healthy with vegetables. But, it has a good taste, and it's not unhealthy and helps you lose weight.

  • But i hate all of those things you mentioned. The smell of cucumber alone makes me gag. I'm a super taster. They all taste like plant flavored food no matter what I do to them. My cardiologist recommended the keto diet so my husband and I don't become diabetic. I am allergic to lettuce! (Makes my tongue swell) I've tried reading and searching the web but all of the articles just tell you how to prepare and eat vegetables. I don't know what to do. I can't eat 99% of vegetables without vomiting.

  • Here's how I bypass 10 cups veggies a day: I use nutritional yeast for fiber, raw wheatgrass juice powder for phytonutrients, and beef liver for MOST vitamins & nutrients

  • I do like some veggies – Corn, Cucumbers, Pickles, Carrots, Celery, iceberg lettuce – but from what I've been told half those are non-no's on Keto and none of them are Cruciferous. I've looked at the list of cruciferous veggies and they are all things I hate! Not dislike, but outright hate. Can I get by with the nutrients or whatever I need from some of the "not great for keto but maybe ok" veggies like cucumber or celery (I do love celery with cream cheese or peanut butter which both are supposed to be good for keto) and lots of caeser salads? Or will I still be missing important nutrients because of the cruciferous thing?

  • Because of history of ulcerative colitis and other bowel issues and surgeries, I'm really limited on the veggies I can eat. ALL leafy greens, beans, broccoli and etc are on my do not eat list. How can I do keto?

  • Ugh…my husband is one of these people! It drives me nuts because he has POTS Syndrome and Fibromyalgia and I know his body would feel so much better if he ate both wild salmon and green vege's.

  • Its not that I don't like veggies I physically cannot swallow them they are gross and should only be fed to rabbits

  • Hahaha!! This does not address the title… have carrots… kale…. I am 55 and have NEVER eaten vegetables… the only ones I like and eat are considered a starch, and on keto I don’t eat them… not helpful

  • LOVE your raw wheatgrass juice powder, I add 2 tbsp organic lemon juice to it and now add your orange electrolyte powder… declicious. Ppl see me drinking this and think I'm doing a "cleanse". I try to explain, but I lose most of them, so I just recommend your channel! I'm 71 w a 22 yr history of cholesterol in mid 300's… gallbladder removed around that time. Just had a cardiac cath and the dr was astounded that I had NO blockages! Also no carotid artery blockage. My only issue is low 02 sat [ 91] w exertion… I've been cleared of lung disease as well… am a non smoker. I have a low thyroid as well… Synthroid 50 mcg/day. I am wondering about your thoughts re: fatty liver? I fatigue easily, have occasional heart symptoms, no bile bc of gall bladder removal and itchy bottoms of my feet occasionally which you say is part of having a fatty liver. I started taking your gallbladder formula but since I do IF 16:8, I only use one/day. Ty for all your time, energy and effort you put into informing the general public. We could use more drs like you. I've been doing keto for 4 mos and have plateaued at wt loss of 20 lbs… 20 more to go.

  • Im here because I'm getting sick of vegetables so probably going to drink them instead of eating then

  • My husband has been on blood thinners and believes he cant eat vegetable, but now he wants to go keto. I try to feed him veggies, but he's getting bored with the food. I say, if you're bored, then fast until you re really hungry.

  • a lot of these ingredients and veggies he mentions are not allowed on a keto diet. as I have been learning, Carrots are not allowed, or in moderation, as well as bananas. So can you take him seriously.

  • I love veggies, but I recently started eating just one meal a day and the veggies don't fit in my stomach anymore :<

  • Id like to know which green powders your talking about 🙂 I live in a small northern community where fresh food isnt readily available, and health food or organic food is just not something on our shelves, so much of my nutritional value has to come from item ordered online. I would love to know options of products if anyone has a recommendations! thank you 🙂

  • Could I just be okay with eating some berries and pretty much just saying no to the vegetables.? You get pretty much everything you need from meat except vitamin c (you can actually get it from raw organ meats or things like sweetbread/the thymus and fish roe but I’m not really interested in trying those at the moment)

  • Then don't eat them, take a tip from the zero carbers/carnivores and completely ignore veggies. get your vitamins and minerals from high quality meat instead

  • Ummm…. I cant chew a lot of things, like cucumbers, cabbage, blueberries, strawberries, pickles. I do not know what to do. Help!

  • I thought drinking your greens wasn't all that good since saliva through chewing is what helps digestion.

  • I am from Andhra Pradesh India where can I get kale please if anyone from India know about it

  • Dr. Berg, thank you so much for all the information you provide. I have begun keto IF. I would like for my daughter to do keto IF but she does not like fats. What can we do to get her on keto so she can start feeling better and perhaps begin to like fats?

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