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Keto Diet – Fast Weight Loss Tamil | What I Eat In A Day | Keto Indian Recipes | Keto Diet Beginners

Keto Diet – Fast Weight Loss Tamil | What I Eat In A Day Keto Indian | Keto Diet for Beginners Tamil

In this video I explained about:
1. Keto Diet in Tamil
3. A Day in my Life with Keto Diet
4. What I Eat in a day of Keto Diet
5. Keto Diet Foods

Recipes in this Video:
Keto Coffee
Keto Dosa
Keto Chutney
Keto Upma
Keto Soup
Mushroom Omlette

⚡️WEIGHT LOSS SERIES: Check this below series for all weight loss related videos
(Detox Drinks, Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Dinner Ideas for Weight Loss)
Weight Loss Series Link:

⚡️DIET DAY ROUTINE: What I eat in a day of diet: (Low Carb Diet)




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  1. Gayathri Sh says:

    Nandy reply must . I want to know how to cal like if 1000 cal how to cal no use of helathify me free app as it is not giving exactly PL help cal PL

  2. Shanmuga Priya says:

    Recipes super…..👌👌👌

  3. Nivedhitha G says:

    Super Nandy. I'm currently in this diet only. Good recipes 👍

  4. marieswari P says:

    Sister thumbnail ku konjam vera pictures um apapo add panunga topic vanthale intha Rendu pics than vaikurenga

  5. Janani raj says:

    Paleo diet ku ithu mathri oru video upload panunga Nandy

  6. Harini .R says:

    Sis oru dbt uh …. Na oli ah tha irrupa … Aana thoppa mattu perusaiyittae pothu …. Ithelam na saptta thoppa koraiyuma ??🙈….sollunga❓❗aprm na follow pannanum na evlo nalla follow pannanum😊

  7. Felixeena Amalas says:

    Nice akka.. i am doing im fasting akka..that's good for me

  8. sangeetha baskar says:

    Costly diet a irukum pola😬

  9. ZURABEE says:

    Keto diet is costly diet😋😀
    Normal diet ❤️😌😌

  10. Kaviya Thamizharasan says:

    Much informative Video Nandy 👌👌 Great Efforts🤗🤗
    Naan diet lam ila but anda mushroom omelete and tomato soup patha mouth watering 😍😍😁😁 Thanks for the recipe 🤓🤓evlo kodumaiyanavana inda keto…epdii dan follow panrangalo😂

  11. Thara ram says:

    Akka face a oru time avathu kaminga, intro la ellana last la face a katdunga akka… 🥰🥰🥰 annavum ethu than sapduvangala akka ella anna ku thaniya cook pannuvingala.. 🙂

  12. 19BCS030 Miduna varshaa says:

    Thankyou ..akka🤍

  13. EDITZ BY AMRIN says:

    Test eduthachi akka innum result varala akka

  14. Sammi Sammi says:

    Thanks dear
    super information

  15. RAJU SIMLA says:

    Idho vandhuten nandy
    India map mari dha irku nandy

  16. aishu crafts says:

    Entha editing app use panreenga akka

  17. Ramya Sekar says:

    Ohh so much of info … great efforts Nandy… 👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻

  18. Bharathi C says:

    Almond milk kudikkalama akka plss soillunga

  19. Rainbow Ways says:

    very useful content

  20. Amalasinga T says:

    Intha dite vida odaney Wight increase akuma

  21. Yazhini A says:

    Pcod diet recipes poduga akka one month ku

  22. Maha Lakshmi says:

    Broiler muttai saptalaam ma mam❔❔❔❔❔❓❓❓❓❓

  23. Sowmiya Dhanapal says:

    Hey nandy ….!! Your vedios are really great to watch with fun session added…I'm happy to watch your keto session watching…🥰 Also I would like to ask you a question I'm currently having a doubt I'm in keto diet seeing good results but I want move to your normal deit does it affect my results which is will I regian all those my weight…!
    Please do reply nah..🔥
    With love and support ❣️

  24. sharonprakash Prakash says:

    This diet follow panni today one actress died

  25. MINI kitchen says:

    Keto diet panni oru herein death aetaga so friends yarum entha diet adukathiga entha diet adukurathunala seruneraga problem varum

  26. Muthu V says:

    Yarum intha diet follow pannathingha.

  27. Jones Merlin says:

    Enniku oru amma out.. Ethuku entha vela

  28. Vanitha.G says:

    I am 16 years old naa 58 kg irrukkey naa itha follow pannalama akka sollunga please itha follow panni oru actor dead nu solluranga athu vera ennakku payama itrukku ka please sollunga

  29. Janani Venugopal says:

    Enna vegetables Elam carrot,egg,capsicam,kaali flower sapuduren…carrot sapida koodathu..Vera entha vegetables Elam sethukalam sis..

  30. Dolly S says:

    Sis unga kitta personal consultation edukanum

  31. HARISH GJ says:

    Super akka ..more recipes soluga

  32. midhvan sai says:

    Well explained mam👍

  33. Raksha J says:

    I'm your new subscriber sis

  34. Subha Sundar says:

    Nandhini, any other substitute for egg., please

  35. Ageela Babu says:

    Hai Nandini Akka I'm 24 years old my weight is 82… My marriage is in three months…intha diet follow Panna three months la evlo weight koraikalam

  36. Paragathul Fathima says:

    I am tea lover

  37. Hermione Ks says:

    Do more keto recipe video sis❤️

  38. Arvind Raja says:

    Rice saptu udamba koraikra deit irukka???

  39. Reena Velmurugan says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this its very informative

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  41. Vi Lasha says:

    Oats sapdalama sis?

  42. sruthi ramakrishnan says:

    Does this stop period akka

  43. Hema Hema says:

    Keto diet la green tea kudikalama

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