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3 Keto Diet Recipes For Weight Loss l Low Carb Diet | Simple & Easy to cook Indian Keto Meal Recipes

3 Keto Diet Recipes For Weight Loss l Low Carb Diet | Simple & Easy to cook Indian Keto Meal Recipes | Tastibitez

Simplified recipes with minimal cooking time. Healthy cooking with minimal cooking time

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  1. MDP- Mehndi designs by pooja says:



    looks delicious healthy recipe

  3. Mani Merugu says:

    wow.. it looks very tempting

  4. Vishu Goyal says:

    must try recipes

  5. ekta singh says:

    healthy and delicious …good recipes for ketogenic diet

  6. cute renu says:

    I need such diets

  7. Mamta Barnwal says:

    healthy & delicious

  8. Shevy Kaur says:

    looking so yummy

  9. baccha gfx says:

    very tasty

  10. SK Ananth says:

    Looking so Yummy 😋

  11. Soniya Jangra says:

    Healthy and tasty recipe

  12. blueoranges78 says:

    Yummy and delicious 😋

  13. Ravindra Panday says:

    Unique recipe

  14. Anusuiya Rathore says:


  15. Shakeel Khan says:

    amazing recipes

  16. King Surendra says:

    Wow!! This looks so good!! 😊 I have to try to make this one day! Thank you for teaching the world how to make this amazing dish! Keep up the great work!! 😇🙏

  17. Amruta Chalmeti says:

    Nice #lasyachalmeti

  18. Om Dhuliya says:

    Looks very tasty 😋

  19. dipti batra says:

    Wow Recipes all are gud for health and yummy too

  20. Lovely Pooja says:

    Presentation, recipe, hygiene all maintained so well. It more looks like an art of cooking ❤️

  21. Home cook foodie says:

    Superb recipes for wait loss and very well presented also good job mam 👍

  22. ishan kishan says:

    all are amazing…

  23. Suraj Mishra says:

    amazing recipes for weight loss..

  24. Harsh Yadav says:

    looking yummy

  25. Hina Sayeed says:


  26. Josh Unlimited says:

    amazing diet recipes

  27. Anvisha Prajapati says:

    Mouth watering

  28. Vandu deshmukh says:

    it looks so healthy and tasty

  29. Mrs Queen says:

    wow so yammy

  30. mohini sharma says:

    Tasty and healthy

  31. Bangtan Sonyeondan says:

    The meal looks full of goodies

  32. Rachit Melkani says:

    perfectly done great effort

  33. Bony Gattuwar says:

    Looking tasty and healthy too

  34. Dev Vyawahare says:

    Mouth watering

  35. Rachna's Kitchen says:

    I so love your recipe.. Perfectly made..

  36. Umera A05 says:

    Looks delicious

  37. English Worm says:


  38. Dewan Jii says:

    All are amazing

  39. Anita Shukla says:

    superb recipe for keto diet

  40. Aruna Reddy says:


  41. Krishna Raman says:

    Wow keep sharing

  42. abaan dewan says:


  43. Save The Farmers says:

    i really liked your video and recipes, keep sharing more like this

  44. A2 Motivation says:

    Amazing recipe

  45. Saima Khan says:

    It's look healthy and delicious recipes

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