What I eat in a day on Keto | Food for weight loss

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My name is Christina and in January 2016 I weighed 118kg or 261lbs. I was morbidly obese and in danger of dying. After 1 year on a ketogenic diet I’ve lost over 105lbs and completely reversed PCOS. Unlike other keto experts out there I’ve been morbidly obese and been through the weight loss journey. I know the pain and the struggles of living as an obese person and what it takes to get through the weight loss journey. I’ll share my knowledge of keto, meals ideas, tips & tricks and simplify the science I learn. Subscribe and join me on a journey to a healthier us!

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical doctor and will never give anyone any medical advice. I am a ketogenic nutrition and health coach and I’m giving my opinion on what works for me. I cannot give advice unless you are a paying client. If you are unsure please contact your doctor.

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just found your channel. Thank you for making this more simple. What app do you use for tracking? Is it necessary to track.

Debbie Powers

You look Great. I just watched one of your videos from 2017 and your face is so much thinner.

Diana ZR

You can buy a lot of keto stuff from www.iherb.com .. i do most of my online shopping there.. 😊 thanks for the recipe.. im from switzerland and a lot of the stuff here is super expensive.. online is the best! Nice video btw..

I have bullet proof coffee every day for breakfast. Here is my recipe 1tbsp butter, 1tbsp coconut oil, 1 and 1/2tbsp heavy cream, 1 heaped tsp instant coffee and 1 cup boiling water or 1 cup of brewed coffee. Blitz all together. 280 calories…35grms fat…no carbs or protein


18 and In your past situation rn, hoping that a good binge of your videos will help me. Been doing keto for 2 weeks n so far so good 🥰 thank you for these!!

Cookie 53

Hi can you please give link to the bread recipe thanks in advance .. enjoy your channel immensely 👍🏻

Debbie D

I tried making the little breads but just turned out to be an oily mess 🤢 not sure what I did wrong? I used coconut cream not butter.

Elizabeth Harrell

The picture looks way bigger than your muffin pan bread! did she use a double recipe maybe?

Jo Anne Childress

Note. I tried making the little biscuits, but the only silicone pan I had was for bagels or donuts so I used a metal pan for brownies. Although I sprayed it well, the biscuits stuck and were impossible to remove without crumbling them a little. Next time I’ll use the silicone donut pan. Very tasty though.

Wow, you look fantastic. Great job on your journey. I recently started also, and love your channel.

Great News

When you said (@ 5:00) the bulletproof coffee taste was similar to fudge, you made me laugh out loud, which I needed to do. I think I understood your reaction and emotions as you said it. Was there a feeling of guilt from drinking this delicious fudge-tasting yummy breakfast, like it should be harming you, from your before Keto life? Am I right? That’s what came to my mind as I watched. It’s dang good! You are so enjoyable to watch, the best!

Great News

I tried half of the choc collagen same brand and it still spikes my sugars about 15 points! It tasted really good.

Janet Newbill

Yum bread looks good I will have to try that I have some wild foods coconut butter!!


I totally agree. The Perfect Keto are so sweet. I have the Exogenous keto base in coffee flavour and I can only use half a scoop. I don't know why they make it so sweet.


Karien here – love the video, Christina. The coconut butter seizes when you mix it with liquid (the egg) which is why the consistency changes so dramatically, just like chocolate will seize if you add liquid to melted chocolate. I had an epiphany when making peanut butter cookies and the peanut seized when mixing the egg in – that's how I realized coconut butter would work too, same with almond butter.

Sandra Sasch

I just made myself these buns, but as one big flat one. Still thick enough to cut it and put some Kerry Cheddar on it! It is really super soft with bread texture! Quick to do and just Great! Thank you!

Shirlyn’s Sleeve

Hope your daughter is OK w/your move? I remember your last move & how you had to eat on the road. Wish you all well!


I'm sad, I've been strictly keto for 19 days now and I weighed myself today, haven't even lost one gram, not one!!. I'm exactly the same as when I started. My bras feel looser and my tummy isn't feeling as bloated but scale says nothing lost, it's a good digital scale. Feeling a bit defeated.

Heather James

I love perfect Keto products. I mix one scoop of chocolate collagen, one scoop of vanilla mct oil powder and 10 ounces of unsweetened almond milk in a shaker and it's super delicious…but I love sweets, so it's not too sweet for me. It's only one net carb!!

Autumn Eidson

Do you count your calories also? Did you to begin with? I have 80lbs to lose and just started Oct 1. I dont have a keto meter so I'm not sure if I have fat adapted or not.

Alan Howie

Dear Keto Christina hi I Alan could you please tell me what app you are using to track your macros

Midtown Farmgirl

I bought a similar brand of flavored collagen and also found it too sweet so I mixed it with unflavored collagen. That way I get the full protein portion without all the sweetness. I had a half empty unflavored canister and added a little less of the sweet stuff, mixed it up really well, and now I have an almost full canister of collagen that's a lot less sweet.

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