Finally Starting My Tummy Tuck Journey after Extreme Weight Loss | Lower Fleur-De-Lis Body Lift

Hi, I’m Tammi! I am a 46-year-old mother of 9 and I lost 207 lbs on protein prioritized keto without bariatric surgery or even much exercise! My cutting Macros were 130g protein/ 20g net carbs / 70g fat and 1300 calories. 

This is my first video in my Plastics After Extreme Weight Loss Journey! I scheduled my lower body lift (belt or 360 tummy tuck) with Fleur-de-lis (vertical incision) and Medial Thigh Lift for Thursday July 15th, 2021. I’m so excited and nervous for this next step in my weight loss journey!

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I started eating ketogenically Jan 1st, 2017 at 374 lbs. My lowest is 167 and I am maintaining around 175.

I am not a doctor.  All my advice comes from personal experience and is based on the science of Dr. Stephen Phinney from

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Marlena Topple

Your results sound awesome. Losing visceral fat and gaining lean mass is amazing. Maybe some of the extra fat is mixed with water gain and just showing as fat. Regardless, to have gone through your daughter’s engagement and wedding, vacation, a mega busy period of work, dance competitions, trek and the rest of your life and put on such a small amount of weight is hugely impressive and inspiring. It sounds like that tech was trying to fulfil her target for referrals to the nutritionist. I wish you the very best for your surgery and recovery and look forward to hearing how it all goes.

Virginia W

I'm glad you said this about the insurance. Unless it is medically necessary, they will not do the surgery. I'm happy for you that you are having the skin removal. I personally, hope I won't need to have it…I'm just not sure I want to have another surgery past my wls… I've been keto for 3 years and my type 2 diabetes is not doing anything good…we are hopeful that the wls will help me to finish losing my weight and make my A1c go to a more normal range, if not fully better. Anyway, I'm so happy for you. I love it when people can get the look they really want, because if I could do it without surgery, I totally would.

JoAnn Cash

Good luck with surgery, with all you do it's time to take care of yourself.

Marian King

Do you know, lve seen so much worse considering how much weight you lost, your exercising and fasting has helped immensely x good luck or blessings ld say. Xx

Jodi Lynn

hi hi! thanks for the video great info! question….. your full tummy tuck and thigh all together is 22000? is that just one surgery?


We had a really good experience with Prosper loans for medical procedure that wasn’t covered by insurance maybe that’s a good option for your situation !!

Ruth Beverley

Thank you for sharing you look so much like me. I'm excited for you !!

Cee Bedor

I am so very happy for you, Sweetie! You have worked so hard and I’m sure you have made untold sacrifices for your dear children. you SO deserve this!!!!!!

Yasmine M

I am so super excited for you!!!! A long time coming!! Huge congratulations to on your daughter’s wedding!! 💐🎊🎉🥳. You’ve had a busy year already and we’re only half-way through.

Marie H. Blankenship

What was the protein sludge? Good luck on the surgery.

Marshia Thomas

You get it ALL done!!! You will regret it if you don't!! Do the thigh lift, you need it! You want to look your best and your husband seems so supportive and that is just AWESOME!!! He is right, you can't buy a car for $22,000 and if you did, the value of it drops dramatically the minute you drive it off the lot. This surgery will bring you so much more pleasure than a stupid car anyway!! I am so happy for you!!! Wish I could do it too so I will have to just live through you girl!!!

Marshia Thomas

A doctor who chews gum during the entire exam??? So, so unprofessional!!! I hope you really researched this guy!!! I am a nurse and I have NEVER seen a doctor conduct himself so unprofessionally!!!

Marshia Thomas

I am so glad to have come across you! I am 71 years old. I had the gastric sleeve 3 years ago and lost 60 lbs. I can handle the slight drooping of of tummy but it is the bat wings in my arms that are so incredibly embarrassing! I wish I could have the surgery but know that I won't ever be able to afford it! I am so happy for you you have done an amazing job!!! Good lord to have lost that much weight is incredible. I will definitely follow you!! Good luck, can't wait to see the results!!!

Diana Herdman

Super excited for you ! Praying for a safe surgery and a quick complete recovery ❤


Just do it! And no, you can’t get a new car for $22,000. My last car was $36,000 and that was a few years ago.

Linda Achenbach

hope you can help me out please.i have no one.i love your family
so proud of you.

Ladybug 2020

I did my tummy tuck 15 years ago after I had my second baby and I had a C-section on both pregnancies and my insurance did pay for my tummy tuck 15 years later I still look damn hot kudos to you girl

WinterFyre11 Fox

I had circumferential abdominoplasty—that’s what my surgeon called it—in June 2018. Like so many others have said, it was the best decision I’ve ever made for myself. I was 62 at the time. Now, at 65, I get a LOT more compliments than I’ve ever gotten in my entire life! In my family we don’t go gray until our 70’s so no one believes it when I tell them my age.

I’m so happy for you and I wish you a quick recovery. You’re going to LOVE putting on jeans and being able to tuck your shirt in. Show off that flat tummy and rock it, girl 😁

Silvia Bocanegra

Been thinking of getting a tummy tuck , but people are telling me specifically my kids that I am too old to get it why I would get it if my hubby is not going anywhere….but I keep thinking but I want it for me not for my hubby or to catch anyone’s eye, I just want to be able to feel better about my loose skin and weight loss. I am turning 47 years old Saturday.

So nice that the surgeon let you film the consultation. That was very brave of you, but very informative.

Alexis Winter

You're obviously not in Southern California. Just a regular tummy tuck is 15K.

Jennifer LovesGroot&Grogu

So exciting! Good thoughts and vibes your way : )

Renee Kerner

Lol…insurance doesn’t cover it. Between my double chin and tummy tuck, I spent over 30,000.00. I sold stock I was blessed enough to have it from my company.

Renee Kerner

Wow, what an impressive weight loss, I lost over one hundred pounds, I had a tummy tuck four months ago. The first week was a bit difficult, but so well worth it. I even had excess skin removed under my chin, That had to be done twice..first surgeon was terrible. I am so happy for you. You are young and beautiful… exciting,

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