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  1. Chanelle says:

    I was surprised lettuce and carrots had so much carbs when I did keto. That’s the nice thing about raw vegan in no limit on what you can eat lol I’m slowly transitioning

  2. J Rose says:

    Kraft singles baaahahahaha! no more nutrition advice.

  3. Kat4Animals00 says:

    Love your shirt

  4. I escaped Communism says:

    I’m Latina . I don’t eat 65 % of what is on your list hahah 🙂 I love your channel 🙂

  5. Corina Bello says:

    Meg are you eating the same amout of calories as previously (maintance) and still loosing weight/looking leaner? Love the keto videos! I have always talked shit on keto but you've inspired me to try it and I love it lmao

  6. Tania buddymayahunter says:

    From my understanding I don't think keto would be good for you , cause you don't really need to lose weight. Probably a good idea to eat fruit and veggies . Dunno . I think once I lose weight , I will be going low carb or paleo.

  7. Tonya G says:

    New to your channel love you guys already!

  8. dieganka says:

    egg whites on keto?? yeah.. because keto diet needs more protein. Lean beef?

  9. Karlas001 Health Journey says:

    I also eat A LOT (do not limit) low carb veggies almost a daily 5-6 cups of mixed green salads but I have been informed by the keto police I eat HFLC 🤷🏻‍♀️ Love your haul

  10. Kimjay says:

    It stars at 4:30. Your welcome.

  11. Rachel's Randoms says:

    Keep in mind protein is a goal of you're following macros… Fat is to help keep you satisfied and full, it's NOT a goal and carbs are a limit

  12. Nala Fitness says:

    Thank you for your keto videos! I’m on my second week and feeling much better and not bloated!!

  13. zencatfish says:

    You should look into A2 protein milk!! It's easier to digest, I believe, compared to "regular" A1 type protein milk (casein digestion)

  14. Shawnee Webb says:

    Have you tried the new diet dr. pepper w/ cream soda?! It's amazing!!!

  15. Lea Hamasaki says:

    Check the nutrition on the kraft singles. Better off with other actual cheese. You can also make your own cheese wraps from shredded or sliced cheese. Those cheese wraps are expensive!

  16. ebscoHOST says:

    do u poop diff with keto? seriouse question actually.

  17. Angel the Force says:

    Meg look more more like Amy smart

  18. Alex says:

    Dam lots of dairy

  19. Romeo Salinas says:

    Those whisps are stomach killers if you ear too many. Also, soft cream cheese whipped with some garlic and onion powder make a great dip for the pork rinds

  20. carefullymeasured says:

    You started too late and missed the chaffle craze 🤣

  21. Jackie Pratt says:

    Seeing your haul makes me want to get my Costco membership back! The cheese and egg wraps look good!

  22. Sarah May Hamilton says:

    The amount of plastic packaging used in the States is craaaaay!! Wish we had egg wraps in Ireland though!!

  23. PMB says:

    Been on keto for about 7 years. I've found that a TKD, where i take a pre-workout with about 20g protein, 5 g salt, 10g dextrose amd 10 ml MCT oil about 30 minutes prior to hitting the gym works best for me. It's not so much about getting through that days session, it's more for recovering to do the next workout. My go to fruits if I get a craving are strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. Very low sugar/carbs compared to other fruits and go well with the heavy cream! Try to avoid the fat bombs though, I just eat fattier cuts or use more olive oil if I want to gain size.

  24. dark zedd says:

    Megsquats is Laura Sanko on roids

  25. Asphalt_Assassin says:

    I was just thinking, I haven't seen a Meg video in awhile… Gotta hit that bell. Im looking at scales, so im excited to check out the body analyzer. Hope all is well strong Lady! Stay safe out there. The red boots… lol #dying #mosby

  26. The Feldmonster says:

    Check out "Folios Cheese wraps" For making Keto tacos. Bison at costco is awesome.. Costco also sells steak in uncut sides of meat so you can cut to your own size and vacuum seal/freeze.

  27. Lynette says:

    I don’t think I can follow Keto, I can’t fathom eating all that dairy. Is there alternatives to all the dairy?

  28. Sari C says:

    Yay DDP! My fav. I've been keto for years (control blood sugar issues) and discover this fall the leafy greens flare my ibs. So they are gone. Not 100% carnivore, but very few veggies and I feel better than ever.

  29. Ben Levine says:

    I dont see why your on keto.

  30. Maribel V-B says:

    The egg wraps make really good quesadillas. I have those a couple of times a week for lunch

  31. RAQUEL DANKO says:

    Meg I am so glad you posted this. I am starting keto in about a week. I did an Atkin's diet years ago and got really good results and was not lifting weights then. I have been lifting for 2 years now and have gotten in great shape. I have some body fat left that I cannot get rid of with regular healthy eating so have decided to try a keto diet.

  32. Mountainmeshe fitlife says:

    💜Love your T Shert.Also let me know about the WHIPED COFFIE..I KEEP FORGETTING TO GET INSISTENT COFFEE…YUMMY

  33. Mountainmeshe fitlife says:

    💪💜Wow !! Yu look 👍 Great 💜💪While I'm I'm quarantine..I'm eating all the Wrong foods & not Excersing Feel miserable 😢

  34. TiM sKolD says:

    I need a lifetime plan

  35. withrow writes says:

    how is your hunger looking like since starting Keto? I've always wondered about decreased appetite since obv food volume is v different on a high carb vs high fat diet!

  36. A. N says:

    I’ve been doing keto for around a year – I take a more Mediterranean-keto approach, and my macros are different…5% carbs, 35% protein, 60% fat… the higher protein works better for me and helps to avoid any hair loss or other issues. I love my veggies and though I like making snack plates with cheese+salami I have to be careful to limit it (addicting). I’m with you on the tomatoes and the peppers and veggies in general. I probably have at least 1 salad every day so I always have jarred artichoke hearts, pepperoncini peppers, olives, etc to be able to make a really easy salad with my fresh veggies. I snack on grape tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, and the mini peppers – I use the peppers to dip in guac or other dips or will even just eat them plain. I usually eat a couple a day- and it helps to satisfy that crunch need. My 2 y.o. likes to eat hummus (I know – that’s not a “keto food” but better a 1-3 TB of hummus than a cookie – he likes to share food) with me so I’ll eat a bit of it with him with the peppers. (Also take a look into low carb foods that have a lot of vitamin C…red peppers in particular are high on the list 😉 ) I love the whisps – they work well as croutons in salad if you need a bit of crunch. The pepper jack ones actually are a bit better to just snack on IMO. I just made a Costco run and was disappointed that they didn’t have the pork rinds. First world problems… but it’s still something that I really enjoy as the flavor of those is awesome. — I’m also in maintenance mode; I’m not actively trying to lose weight and I’m not trying to bulk up.

  37. Idyllic Acrylics Julie B says:

    I like to snack on cucumber slices with cream cheese, sliced pickled jalapeño and a pinch of sea salt. My other fave is just fresh radishes and a chunk of cheese ☺ Avocado stuffed with tuna salad is a great lunch, too.

  38. nuupable nuupable says:

    After my gigantic midnight keto snack i found this video very enjoyable as the bulk of energy from the food was released in to my muscles and fat reservs i will continue my sleep now and have amazing workout in my homegym in the morning. I am making all kinds of gainz ALL Kindz! hope you guys are too

  39. Sandy Rosie says:

    I had bad experience on keto and I hope i will never encounter any of my fav youtubers doing it again ……but still

  40. Kristin Pirozzo says:

    You're in Texas now you have to get a smoker to smoke that brisket :D!!!

  41. Jessica Cunningham says:

    We don’t have a costco where I live… it’s not okay

  42. angie halliday says:

    I gotta say for a first time keto grocery shopper, you've got a very good selection there. Few too many veggies for me🤣🤣, but very good.

  43. C B says:

    Oh how I wish my body would let me eat cheeeeseeee!

  44. Maria Elena Romero says:

    We have the same dish rack dryer lol

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