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Does the Keto Diet Help Type 2 Diabetes? ft. Cyrus Khambatta and Robby Barbaro

Cyrus Khambatta and Robby Barbaro—co-founders of Mastering Diabetes—break down the consequences of eating Keto with type 2 diabetes. While some may say eliminating carbs helps them get the disease under control, the research points in a different direction (and cholesterol skyrockets). Before you try the Keto Diet, watch this first. You might just reconsider.

Watch the full episode with Cyrus Khambatta and Robby Barbaro

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  1. Switch4Good says:

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments below
    Watch the full episode with Cyrus Khambatta and Robby Barbaro


  2. MegaVegan says:

    Someone who was a T2 diabetic and, through Keto, lowered their A1c, fasting glucose, and fasting insulin to normal levels would argue that they’ve reduced their risk of all those conditions you listed. What would you say to those people?

  3. Sharon J. Smith says:

    I saw Cyrus and Robby on the Rich Roll podcast. I ordered their book, Mastering Diabetes, that day. Loved it! I don't have diabetes, but wanted to learn more about it so I could possibly help others. I ended up learning way more than I expected to. I think everyone should read it.

  4. Television Archive Studios says:

    I just lost weight and exercised. I didn't go the extreme of a Keto diet. I tried it once and my hair started falling out.

  5. Skorpija BG says:

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  6. Stefany Sanchez says:

    Great Video! Sorry for the intrusion, I would love your thoughts. Have you researched – Patlarny Sugar Outcome Principle (just google it)? It is a smashing one of a kind product for reversing diabetes minus the normal expense. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my m8 at very last got amazing success with it.

  7. Heer Bommel says:

    Do you have the link to the 2 year keto study you are referring to? Thanks

  8. Jorge carrejo says:

    The guy on the right looks scary… And I'm 46 seconds in…

  9. Jorge carrejo says:

    Now that I watched more than 45 seconds… What about type 1s with a c reactive number of almost zero? Can't be inflamed?

  10. ming sun says:

    I think Cyrus talks a lot of crap. Some people don't do well in keto, but most get great long term improvements.

  11. Tu Canal says:

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  12. Ramikla _1 says:

    Virta Clinical Trials does improve insulin resistance
    But it is only two years

  13. Tami Ramos says:

    So who's research do you believe? If the research is not peer reviewed and if you cannot find at least 3 studies that come up with the same result and aren't paid for by the food group corporations that support you eating what they profit from, then you need to question what you are told. Sorry…just too much BS if you already know how the body works. Try to convince Stephanie Person (been on keto for at least 10 years), Dr, Eric Berg, Dr. Ken Barry, and Thomas DeLauer of the information in this video as being valid.

  14. jamesthe2nd says:

  15. Courtnay Power says:

    I love Robby looking like a lemur eating grapes

  16. Sean Hammer says:

    I've been on Keto for 3+ months now and have lost nearly 35 lbs. My blood sugar right now, after 14 hours fasting is 106. My body is now running on fat instead of sugar and carbohydrates. Results are hard to argue against. You should do a show with Dr. Berg to hear the other side of the story.

  17. David Tremblay says:

    I don’t know what to believe exactly. I did try Keto briefly and lost weight. Since then I have been doing a whole food plant based diet mainly to eat healthier and be healthier. I came across a few compelling arguments against Keto and I believe what they are saying is true. Dr. Micheal Klaper is one of them here is a link to a podcast discussion if interested.

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