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HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT ON THE KETO DIET, up to 10-20lbs (5-10Kg) per MONTH! Week 1 weight loss plan

LOSE WEIGHT 10-20lbs per month! Week 1 weight loss plan with Keto Habits on the Keto Lifestyle Diet

Introduction to the keto lifestyle by Keto Habits and the first weeks plan onto a 5-10Kg (10-20 Lbs) weight loss per month journey.


Please remember you will lose weight just taking on this eating style but for you to enjoy the Keto lifestyle you will need to get in some exercise – remember you will activate Ketosis so you will want to get burning that stored fat. If you’re not used to exercise don’t worry just start by simply walking each day and progress the length of time you walk, for those a little more accustomed to exercise join a gym or take 30-60 minute walks or jogs. Any, and all exercise will increase the fat burn thus resulting in better weight loss.

We aren’t doctors or physicians so before taking on the keto lifestyle by Keto Habits (or any new diet) Please consult your physician/doctor. we are just sharing what worked for us and provide suggestions to help those wanting to do the keto diet the way did and expect everyone to do research and consult their physicians.

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*Individual weight-loss will very from person to person and some may not achieve the results stated above, the results above are from our experience and those who have done this with us. Always consult your physician an do extra research to make the plan suit your individual needs*

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  1. Kahsha Dawson says:

    thanks for all the details wish me luck 🙂

  2. D Williams says:

    I will start keto diet tomorrow.Any advices?I still have some doubts about the food I can eat and portions

  3. D Williams says:

    How many meals should I have on the first week?

  4. D Williams says:

    Can I eat whey shakes?

  5. Fat Faye gets Gastric Bypass says:

    Artificial sweeteners allowed?

  6. Hi,  im 13….I an 133kg…I really want to lose some weight before christmas…Can you help me?
    im tall and I have big bones ..but I'm still big.

  7. Shapie Nails says:

    Best way to say LCHF is Low Carb "Healthy" Fats . Than you won't get people saying OMG your going to clog your arties eating high fat !! I've been Keto 3 + years . You "do not" need to consume a lot of fat to do this Lifestyle , the fat you consume keeps you satiated at the beginning to switch over to burning "your" own body fat as fuel …

  8. Sona Shah says:

    Question ive been on keto for a while and now ive joined the gym with walking on the treadmill and i have gained a couple of pounds is that normal?

  9. Dr.Yaya Yang says:

    Thank you

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