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eat FAT to get FIT? Keto diet talk with Quin

A discussion with Quin: sharing her initial findings as she starts her Keto Diet as a busy working mom and wife. 4 weeks in ….

2:34 what is ketosis?
4:14 Quin’s struggle with dieting and exercise
7:36 keto simplified
8:40 benefits of ketosis (4 weeks in)
10:40 cravings, kids and keto
11:15 fruits & vegetables and keto
12:01 eat more fat to get into ketosis
13:30 don’t count calories!
14:05 working out on ketosis (4 weeks in)
15:27 preventing cancer through ketosis
17:54 fasting, ketosis and 1 meal a day
18:40 Q&A comments
19:48 discipline
20:51 keto and sweet treats
21:31 breaking the cycle of dieting, exercise and self-loathing
22:40 cancer survivor’s perspective

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  1. ryanzd522 says:


  2. Nicole Alce says:

    Quin! Dave! Heyyyyyyyy, so I keep complaning to Al that I need to eat better because of the age thing, tiredness etc. but I am not disciplined enough to try.. yet lol. Quuuiin I want to be as disciplined as you!!! Love you guys and the video! I will be following xo

  3. Craig Faulkner says:

    cauliflower egg fried rice its da bomb

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