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Trying the new breakfast burger at Carl’s Jr & Hardee’s for the first time. Keto style of course.

The name is Teddy Seymour and my goal is to show my amazing viewers some of the challenges I face while I order food on a ketogenic/low carb diet at any given restaurant when I am out to eat. I know you all struggle with this diet just like me and sometimes we are put in that tough position where we must go out to eat and find something that fits the high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet. Eating at home is much easier to maintain which is why I provide simple recipes and some of my “go-to’s) while eating at home. But keeping it keto while on the run can be a hassle to all of us. I am here to entertain you while I eat at some of my favorite restaurants and I am all ears for what you all would like for me to go next.

The videos and reviews of the food that I eat while on the ketogenic diet are solely my opinion and I know sometimes we may disagree but it is important that we respect each others opinions. But feel free to comment and I will do my best to respond.

Also, adding daily vlogs and mild discussion into the mix.


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  1. mary helen says:

    can you do panda express keto??? love your videos! I'm learning so much. thank you!

  2. Kathy R says:

    Do Popeyes, I would like to see what you eat there on keto.

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