FRANZ KETO zero net carb bread review

This is a review That has been requested by many, and I am so happy to share it with you.

This is in no way sponsored at all and is just my review on what I think of it. ~ I hope you all having a wonderful day~ If you are new here I have added some brief info about me down below. I hope everyone enjoys this video and if you haven’t joined the CWA fam I hope you will subscribe. If you like this video please leave a like and a comment down below if you would like. 🙂

Let me introduce myself My name is Sarah & I started my Keto journey on May 7th of 2018 @ a whooping 254lbs! I was a size 4x in shirts and a size 26W in pants and I was not healthy and I was miserable. I was on a search to lose weight That’s when I discovered the ketogentic way of life and have lost over 120+ lbs .
Keto is not just for weight lose it helps with many other things then just weight loss i will include a link of the benefits of keto down below. I am so excited to share my recipes, knowledge, and journey with you guys & hope to Join in on your journey as well here. Please don’t be scared to ask questions. 🙂 We are a family of 5 here David, Myself and our 3 special needs boys two of which are on the spectrum. Although we have food aversions due to special needs we are learning to make it work for us as a family as does any family. Am I right? I have added a link to This video if you have not seen my Transformation Photo slide of doing Keto, Intermid fasting and OMAD(One meal a day) These are photo’s I have taken From the beginning of my journey and up to date.

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9 surprising benefits of keto by Dr. Kenberry –
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GLUTEN FREE CHICKEN NUGGETS A Really Delicious GF Homemade version of Chick-fil-A or McDonald's !! Keto and Heart Attacks, What causes a heart attack? – Dr. Boz



i always wanting to try KETO but i just love my carbs so much xD I didnt know they made keto bread though! And it looks very much similar to regular bread. I would have devoured those eggs LOL

Life Adventures and Keto

Great review Sara i really wanna try it, not here yet

Funko Pop Box Production

Good evening Cooking with Autism! I am a New Subscriber & great stuff! Let's grow together on YouTube! Every support counts! Happy Thursday!!

TN Keto Mama

That bread looks better than the Aldi kind! I may need to go to Walmart….. 🤣

Coffee Madness

Cheers to you very entertaining hope we can start a friendship that will last forever, our channel is about interesting topics, I believe great minds appreciate great content like yourself. Cheers

Large Family Gathering

Yes Sarah! Do what's best for you !! Mike found this at Wal-Mart and I made cinnamon toast out of mine too!! It gets better the more butter you use!😉

Seattlesaphire's Lowcarb World

I find that a lot of products add so much fiber to their product to make it Keto. Sometimes the fiber can cause digestive issues. Did you experience any digestive problems? Thank you for doing this review

Muscled Magpie

EEEEE REVIEWS ARE THE BEEEESSSTTTT I took 2 loads of sola bread and 1 other brand into the freezer. Haha we apparently really love bread.

Muscled Magpie

I will watch this as soo. As I get back from my hike. I'm so excited!! I found some keto bread as well and I'm going to do a review too!!

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