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High Carb Foods to Avoid on a Low Carb Diet: Thomas DeLauer

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High Carb Foods to Avoid on a Low Carb Diet: Thomas DeLauer…

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  1. Epicurean Disipline says:

    You are a quack doctor. Fiber is essential, better than “keto”. Fiber is what makes you get slim, fiber is how you keep a healthy gut flora, the true paleodiet is 99% fiber rich food. Fuck fat, Fiber is the true macro.

  2. Angela Issa says:

    Once they tell you to cut out zucchini and replace it with bacon and butter, you can tell this is getting unreasonable and out of sense.
    Your body isn’t a machine and doesn’t work by math, I’m sorry you want it math, you’re talking so fast as it is a one deal but again it is not math! and the hell with ketosis once you’re replacing veggies with meat ( FYI I’m not vegetarian, I love meat, I eat meat).
    Totally not a fan with all this out of mind obsession

  3. mike camfield says:

    try it with steak

  4. Terri Mobley says:

    So essentially fast and drink water and nibble at an egg or piece of chicken and kelp. Bang! Keto.
    Shoot me now

  5. Terri Mobley says:

    Nah. I watch dr Berg. It's less depressing

  6. sternits says:

    “The wonderful FDA” 😂😂🤣

  7. French Story says:

    Which sweetener do you recommend on a keto diet?

  8. Brian Booth says:

    I would only concentrate on carbs. Concerning myself with fibre makes the whole process too complicated. Not bothered really if I am out of ketosis now and then because I do running to keep fit so I soon get back into ketosis

  9. Sandra Beck says:

    I’m beginning to think people advocating low carb keto diets are, in the end, going to say only eat eggs, cheese, and meat. There is a boogie man in nuts, ANY veggie, all fruits, any artificial sweetener, coffee, everything shifts from something ok to something that will stop weight loss. Fasting is the only thing that works!? I’m getting VERY disillusioned. Can’t picture living the rest of my life fasting 3-4 days a week and the rest eating bacon, eggs, chicken, bleh

  10. Sad Tiger says:

    I eat 1/2 a small raw zucchini diced in my giant salad for lunch everyday. I have lost 5 pounds in 13 days and only weighed 141 to being with. Kept net carbs between 10-30. It is very filling!

  11. Mr. Foote says:

    Thanks Dr. Dipshit!

  12. Asu says:

    I’m pretty strict with my carb intake but c’mon man, this is just not fun nor necessary(zucchini stays)😉!

  13. Nafis Shahriar Khan says:

    Hi, during keto how much psyllium husks can I intake everyday? I usually take 15g of husk with a sugar free beverage to avoid keto constipation.

  14. heehoo peenut says:

    big big yikes my guy

  15. Bek ItAllMakesSenseNow says:

    Great video! Thank T! But what's up with the hand mixer in those sweet peas?? 😆🤔

  16. TaichiStraightlife says:

    This is all BS; this title is misleading: "High Carb Foods to Avoid on a Low Carb Diet" his use of the term "Low Carb Diet" is a fig leaf; TDL is All Keto All the time, NOT "low carb", he's NO CARB EVER. That's simply unhealthy; fiber and zucchini are not the enemy of a healthy diet, whereas Keto IS a dangerous diet:

    The keto diet can cause low blood pressure, kidney stones, constipation, nutrient deficiencies and an increased risk of heart disease. Strict diets like keto could also cause social isolation or disordered eating. Keto is not safe for those with any conditions involving their pancreas, liver, thyroid or gallbladder. It can put stress on the Kidneys and Possibly Give You Kidney Stones. Kidney stones are a well-noted potential side effect of the ketogenic diet; Go ask Dr. Google.

  17. GREEN Therapy says:

    Informative videos keep it up

  18. L J C says:

    Buzz kill

  19. L J C says:

    I’m not gonna worry about it until I hit a plateau. Having a hard enough time being new to keto.

  20. GeekSpace says:

    erythritol have 0 calories !!!

  21. Nacho Fnub says:

    Sugar is about 65 on the glycemic index. Erythritol is a Zero. I thought you of all people would've mentioned that. Counting calories on Keto? Maybe if you're a professional athlete or something…

  22. om aminn says:

    Thank you Thomas

  23. John Brasher says:

    Really unhelpful video. The title "high carb foods to avoid" is misleading. Vids like this make me wonder why I'm subbed to your channel. Put differently, if everyone else finds this vid clear and cogent, then I'm just not smart enough to follow your guidance.

  24. Alexandru Badic says:

    After a life of junk food, you won t get any more fat from these things

  25. Bo Peep says:

    I don't trust this guy!

  26. Joshua Bivens says:

    The deal with carbs are that there are complex carbs, and simple carbs. Simple carbs are found in candy and potato chip and offer no nutrition besides sugars. Complex carbs offer lots for energy stores and nutrients, which is found in veggies. I think people are really thinking that they want a low simple carbs diet. Complex are good for you as long as you don't overeat them. Carbs are an essential nutrient that shouldn't be cut out for a long period of time. Try eating better sources of carbs before you cut them off

  27. I’m very confused, why is monk fruit promoted as keto approved if it’s a sugar alcohol which is still a carbohydrate???

  28. Billmaster115 says:

    Guys, you can have zucchini, or courgette as we Brits call it, just don't have lots of it, I may use half a courgette per meal and find ways of filling my plate with something else, like a small soup, some meat and some cheeses. Diversify your plates.

  29. James California says:

    ~ Good information . Who knows about this ..? Thanks … 👌

  30. Angela Parker says:

    You need fiber period

  31. Naomi Vail says:

    I’m still confused on how to spot sugar alcohols. I have never seen it on labels. Is there a video that can educate me on reading labels?

  32. David Vann says:

    So is sweet potato and cucumber starchy foods?

  33. Cung Truong says:

    What veggie can I get that is not starchy

  34. Don Diego Martijn says:

    Maaan I LOVE YOU! I am learning SOOO FREAKING much from you! I even make notes from your Video’s! And even so I go back and watch them. And I added your info’s in my Self Study that I’m doing! BLESS YOU

  35. Paul says:

    It's like you can't eat anything. lmao

  36. Thomas DeLauer says:

    Free Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan (downloadable):
    Free Keto Diet Meal Plan (downloadable):

  37. Cody Lee says:

    Basically just starve

  38. Cody Lee says:

    This guy contradicts himself

  39. Cody Lee says:

    No tomatoes no greens just bacon egg and cheese according to this guy

  40. Trader99 says:

    Our body is fucking amazing

  41. Bad Kitty says:

    Another video that says what you can’t eat. I’m sick of this. I’ve cut out almost everything & still they come up with things to stop. I’m done with this. Angry!

  42. Ashley's Diary🌸 says:

    Before trying the Agoge diet, I tried keto and many other diets but none worked. With the Agoge diet, I lost so much stubborn belly fat, finally getting that fit look.

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