Keto Meals On The Go | Five Guys Burger & Buffet Breakfast

Keto Meals On The Go with Low Carb Five Guys Burger in the UK & Buffet Breakfast – ideas for fast food on breakfast when you’re on the go.

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Thanks for watching Keto Meals On The Go! 🙂


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Ketchup/tomato sauce especially mass produced kinds like that are far from keto friendly i wanted to mention this for people that are new to keto ore arent didnt know that

Denton Texas

Thanks so much!!! Love 5 Guys!! really enjoyed watching  😉

In the Southern US, we have a lot of chicken restaurants. I usually get a load of wings (not breaded) with some form of hot sauce on them which is one of my favorite foods!

Miss unknown Unknown

Hi, Thank you 😊 for your hard work 😓 and time 🤗 I don't eat pork … can you make something else to substitute???
Thank you 😊 always look 👀 forward new ideas 💡

Wildman Samurai

You're one of my favorite keto channels.. thank you so much.

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