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The name is Teddy Seymour and my goal is to show my amazing viewers some of the challenges I face while I order food on a ketogenic/low carb diet at any given restaurant when I am out to eat. I know you all struggle with this diet just like me and sometimes we are put in that tough position where we must go out to eat and find something that fits the high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet. Eating at home is much easier to maintain which is why I provide simple recipes and some of my “go-to’s) while eating at home. But keeping it keto while on the run can be a hassle to all of us. I am here to entertain you while I eat at some of my favorite restaurants and I am all ears for what you all would like for me to go next.

The videos and reviews of the food that I eat while on the ketogenic diet are solely my opinion and I know sometimes we may disagree but it is important that we respect each others opinions. But feel free to comment and I will do my best to respond.

Also, adding daily vlogs and mild discussion into the mix.


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  1. Teddy Seymour says:

    Comment a restaurant you'd like to see!

  2. Jamison H says:

    Keto is the only diet that works for me I love panda Express. Btw that food looks good just like you

  3. JJ. CURVACEOUS says:

    Have you ever develop the keto rash

  4. Shakaama says:

    soooooo this is your most popular video. I was going to look over your account to tell you some wise youtuber advice, but, this space is super tight. I thought you being shirtless in the thumbnails would help, but those didn't do well. well i like to help brothers out, but you've stumped me. Maybe look at your analytics of this video and see what exact point was the most popular.

  5. Matt Rusin says:

    28 grams of carbs in one meal definitely knocks me out of keto

  6. Shakaama says:

    so basically this isn't keto at all.

  7. Shang BTW says:

    I did the keto diet for 4 months went from 234 to 170

  8. Itz Viral says:

    doesn't the teriyaki chicken have sugar?! so this wouldnt be keto friendly at all

  9. Coco’s Tube says:

    Inlove with your channel !!! I do keto too

  10. Brooke Vanmeter says:

    Dang your fine… omg 😲

  11. Whitakers Way says:

    Been on Keto for 15 weeks I’m loving it I love Panda Express 🐼 ❤️❤️

  12. Michael Jameson says:

    I work there and I can't cook at home so I legit get A bunch if teriyaki chicken and white rice on my lunch break, and for dinner I can walk right across the street and eat it again. It's helping be out getting gains.

  13. This video is pretty old so I'm sure you've found it but there is definitely a Keto friendly orange chicken recipe. Bread it with pork rinds and the sauce is made from keto friendly ingredients.

  14. Bettye's Cooking Channel says:


  15. Draydenv808 says:

    Hey bro! Nice video I do keto mukbangs too but…I’m still wondering in the sugar content on the food. Because there is sugar in most fast food places so I’m wondering if your on ketosis still? Btw lost 32 pounds in 1 month!!

  16. Watching You says:

    Don’t fool yourself about the “Treasure Chicken” entree, it most likely has sugar in its sauce and definitely has black beans. Please don’t mislead people by giving advice that will take them out of ketosis.

  17. Mis Bunny says:

    If you want something fast the Atkins frozen dinner of orange chicken is pretty tasty for a low carb quickie.

  18. Scotty B says:

    Most of their entrees have lots of sugar in their sauces. I'm guessing the "treasure chicken" has sugar.
    I just get the teriyaki chicken without the teriyaki sauce (loaded with sugar), then I add soy sauce.

  19. Falan Horton says:

    Hey I'm on keto I use to be 210 now I'm 200lbs

  20. Jenn C says:

    This is perfect for a cheat meal ! Thanks for the idea!

  21. Luis Velez says:

    Been doing Keto for 1 month and went from 220 to 198. And still going. Love your vids man!

  22. building muscle says:

    Too much protein eventually your body will break it to amino acid and amino acid will be going to sugar as it’s easier for your body to digest therefore ur glucose level will be higher and if you do it all day u won’t be in ketosis in full effect. Just wanted to share as I’m a nutritionist and studied keto. And yes there’s 3 different type of keto but the full keto effect would be 75% fat 15% protein 5% carbs. Just wanted to share. Good videos subbed

  23. SamonPC says:

    You should start bulking

  24. Pound 4 pound says:

    Kung pau chicken🤤💦💦💦

  25. Tricey Boo says:

    Thank you for this video ! 😇

  26. Keto has been so good to me!! Your meal looks so good!! I will have to try it!!

  27. Ashford Service says:

    I usually get kungpow and pepper chicken haha pretty good food for being fast. Actually seem to feel fueled

  28. FrugalMommaNTheWoods says:

    hey nice video have a great week I subscribed to your channel hope you come check out mine and have a great week

  29. bfabxulous says:

    28g carbs for 1 meal? i thought the keto carb macro should be under 20/day right? i could be wrong 🤷‍♀️ still new & learning

  30. Angelica Lizette says:

    Just found this channel thanks for ur options

  31. shannn allen says:


  32. shannn allen says:

    😘💏🎈💞 Shannon

  33. shannn allen says:


  34. shestudios says:

    Awesome Keto content! Found from the Keila Keto collab.

  35. Sugar Sweet says:

    Does panda state msg free?

  36. Sudoku Master says:

    Love the page bruh…funny my mom didn't know I was on keto and brought over panda I was hurting since I couldn't eat any noodles or rice

  37. Christina G says:

    Omg thanks for this channel !!! I’ve been keto for 1 month and I’ve been wondering what to order at fast food chains. 💕

  38. Mandeep Jheeta says:

    I enjoy videos that are simple to understand and provide great value such as yours. I was hoping we could support each other by subscribing to one another in order to achieve our awareness goals of our channels. Would you be interested ? 🙂

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