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2 MINUTE Keto Bread | How To Make Low Carb Bread For Keto | 1 NET CARB

Keto bread in 2 MINUTES! This Low carb keto bread recipe is made with almond flour in the microwave, and each slice of bread has just 1 net!


100+ Keto Recipe Cookbook:

Full Written Out 2 Minute Keto Bread Recipe:


Food Scale:

Container I .Used To Make The Bread:

Protein Powder:

Super Fine Almond Flour:

Confectioners Erythritol:


Macros Per Slice Of Bread:

104 Calories
7.5g Fat
2.5g Carbs
(1.5g Fiber)
6g Protein


Free 20 Mug Cakes E-Book:


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  1. Joe Duff - The Diet Chef says:


    Bread Pro-Tips:
    **1. In the video I said 4 Tbsps, it's supposed to be ***8 TBSPS = 56g**
    2. Let it cool before slicing it … and having a bread knife is a HUGE help
    2. If you don't have a bread knife or want a "thicker" slice just double the recipe…it will make slicing it much easier
    3. All microwaves have different powers, so your cook time is going to vary. You want the bread to be firm in the middle when you press down with your finger.

  2. helena Nghaamwa says:


  3. Ketogenics says:

    nice alternative to bread

  4. Elia Fajardo says:

    Hi!!! How do you cook it if you don’t have a microwave? Oven? Or skillet? If so what temperatures and duration?

  5. WolfyPanPan Kittah Cure-chan says:

    substitute of protein powder?

  6. bookz_dot_ media says:

    This seemed impossible til i actually watched the video!

  7. Ginger Hurst says:

    Joe, I hope you set this message. I know Swerve is a big sponsor of most of you keto cooks, but I just saw on Amazon that Anthony's brand erythritol is about the cheapest brand one can buy. 5 pounds granular for $22 and the powdered and brown are price comparable. I've used both Swerve and Anthony's and I don't see the difference in taste, just price.


    Joe, is the whey protein powder vital for the recipe please?

  9. Cipa Galaz says:

    Ok… so I tried to make and it was a fail for me:(
    Since I don't have microwave, I gave it a try on glass… but I didn't put the paper on it. I can't get it out, I tried just a little crumb and it didn't taste good 🙁

  10. tulla more says:

    Um, don’t microwave in plastic!!!!!!

  11. Pokemon Gym Challenges says:

    You are very economical, with an ability to cut really straight, because I only get 1 slice out of this recipe.
    Also, even though my microwave is 850 watts, it takes 3 minutes to cook…

  12. Reret1972 says:

    Thank you for these recipes. I’m diabetic and the brownies and the bread are my go to when I have cravings. They keep my blood sugar at normal even after eating. Keep those recipes coming 💖

  13. Billy Bones says:

    Thank you! If you are looking for low/slow carb diet but not keto, you could probably add a couple of tbls of whole grain flour. Almond flour alone can feel too heavy. But I don't understand why is there infatuation in the country that one way or another, everything must have some sweetness to it?

  14. Nkresha Thomas says:

    What can you replace whey protein with ?

  15. Diane Young says:

    have tried this several times and the only time it set enough to slice was when I substituted some of the water with an egg and then it was lovely.

  16. Greg Nixon says:

    Please research the safety of microwaving plastics and using non-stick cooking sprays.

  17. Allan Dacruz says:

    Bravo dude. Top job. My taste buds thank-you very much.

  18. Iane Howe says:

    I thought I was the only crazy one that baked the bread in a “Tupperware container” because it already looked like a bread slice. I do really enjoy cooking so I don’t have a bunch of different types of glass containers. I looked at the plastic sliced ham container that I had saved and thought this looks good enough.

  19. Jen Edge says:

    Don’t ever microwave in plastic. There are lots of square glass containers with those lock lids. Just leave the lid off and enjoy plastic free food.

  20. Diane Young says:

    Has anybody else tried this, I just did but didn't have any protein powder yet so i added a bit extra almond flour and a little bit of flaxseed. My microwave is 800w so did mine for 1.30 and it was like porridge, ended up doing it for 2m 50s to get the right texture however there was no way I could slice it in half as it just broke apart as I took it out of the container. I ended up having an open broken sandwich. It tasted good though! Next try I will have my protein powder.

  21. Line-Aure Ngassa says:

    The best i have had so far!!

  22. Diane Young says:

    Do you have to add the protein powder, not something I have ever bought?

  23. Bernadette Flynn says:

    Put a shirt on for god sake.

  24. merlinaly says:

    Can somebody tell me what the ingredient amounts for this recipe are? I don’t have a food scale 😩

  25. rabia sulthana reyaaz says:

    No yeast or baking powder

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