Keto and Heart Attacks, What causes a heart attack? – Dr. Boz

A major reason people begin the Keto Diet is to help reduce their risk of a heart attack. Before we can do that we need to understand exactly what a Heart Attack is. Once we understand what causes a Heart Attack we can understand how a fat-based Keto Diet can help prevent one. This takes time but with proper education, you can begin improving your health, one step at a time..

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I had a TIA or mini-stroke last month right carotid artery is 74% blocked. No loss of motion or strength just some numbness on my left side. They want to open the artery and remove the blockage. Not sure if that is best or not. Been eating Keto for a year, I am 65, lost 65lbs since Feb.2020. I am thinking that doing Keto and fasting and OMAD for 9 months probably saved my life and kept me from a severe stroke with damage. 64 years of sugar and carbs is not reversed by 1 year of Keto. My lipid numbers at the ER were ldl 90, hdl 54, Triglycerides 94. So, ratios are pretty good.

Rebecca W

By chance do you know if keto helps prevent onset symptoms of Huntingtons disease, an autoimmune disease that can be tested in your genetics by a repeating protein molecule CAG repeat? Please and thanks.

What do you think of the theory that it's not ldl particles circulating "through" your veins that cause the blockages, rather inflammatory response that actually builds from the outside moving in?

This is how I see the genesis of atheroma and heart attacks. Chronic excess sugar is absorbed by flat endothelial cells lining cells of blood vessels. Glucose drags water into the endothelial cells and they go from flat to round exposing the underlying basement membrane. The underlying basement membrane is damaged which activates the clotting mechanism to seal the leak. This in turn activates inflammation and white cells infiltrate the injury and bring in LDL cholesterol as foam cells to patch up the damage. The interleukins etc are part of this inflammatory response. Serum LDL is not the cause of atheroma it is the response to endothelial damage. Giving a statin is like getting to a fire and thinking the fireman caused the fire and then giving them Lipitor to kill them! Its useless and detrimental– the biggest con of the century. This process is gradual and other vessels take over, but if a plaque of atheroma breaks off and embolizes it occludes a vessel suddenly and anoxic necrosis occurs. The key is endothelial damage. We know that nicotine, COVID and trans fats somehow injure the endothelium but sugar damage is the most wide spread. How much this has occurred is measured using a CAC scan (Coronary artery Calcium scan). Calcium is Factor 4 of the clotting cascade and is a marker of how much endothelial clotting due to basement membrane damage has occurred.

roy jones

Hi dr boz – confused – have been doing keto for two years now and feel great. Fast every week after sunday roast for at least 24hrs. Have just seen a video of dr william dunn being interviewed and he does fasting for autophagy but stated if you have cancer the autophagy actually protects cancer cells. Had not heard of that before. What is your take on this. The video was a year old. thanks

Kristina Shanahan

Loving your book! Almost finished reading it- on day 2!! Its everything I was looking for to continue my Keto journey. I needed a push to keep going, and I will buy those pee sticks lol!

Sister in Christ Jesus

I had heart attack in march of this year..I've been on keto for 18 months prior to my attack….what the found a tertiary off a a coronary artery…I get angina…and heat palpatations… I was on monitor for 21 days and no palpitations also angina…I do have A fib idiopathic orgin… my cholesterol is 180 and I'm not going to take a statin which has way to many side effects

Rachid Ramdani

Sorry for the loss of your mother thank you for your priceless informations greetings from Algeria in North Africa and god bless you xx

Jack Pepper

For some reason my phone is not allowing me to like videos. Anyone have a fix for this problem? JP

Jack Pepper

Excellent video Dr. Boz thank you so much for sharing it. I have a couple of questions. Is it fair to say by keeping the body in ketosis and fasting you directly reverse this buildup around the arteries? Are there any other changes that happen to the interior wall of the arteries besides thinning and becoming rigid as we age?
You're the best Dr. BOZ. JP

Un Perrier

If 6 weeks of keto isn't enough to reverse the risks of heart attack, how long then?
Thanks a lot for all the information you share.

JW PennyStacker

Hey Boz, You look great! I'm needing guidance on prostate, mri w/c suggest I've got prostate cancer, I'm not wanting to do biopsy cause it could bust or spread cancer? What to do? Nutrition 1st, but which one? I'm carnivore now,, JW

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