Meat-Based Keto with Dr. Annette Bosworth (Dr. Boz) – Instagram Live Q&A


1. Tell us about yourself
2. You write books with stories, why?
3. Tell us about KetoContinuum and David’s journey. Who is the book made for?
4. There’s a lot of thoughts in the diet communities that women especially need carbs for hormone health, or that driving insulin too low (with low carbs) is not ideal for optimal health. What are your thoughts? Should we cycle in and out of ketosis?
5. A lot of women say thyroid health requires carbohydrates. Any thoughts on this?
6. Is keto ideal for children?
7. Do you track ketones and glucose daily? Should we?
8. What are the most important markers you track in your patients?
9. Do you worry about higher LDL markers? Or cholesterol markers? Saturated fats?
10. What do you eat in a day?
11. Do you fast? Do we need to fast?
12. Biggest tips to help people eat this way long term?
13. Where can people get your book and how can people find you?

– Dr. Anette Bosworth’s latest book, Keto Continuum:
– Dr. Anette Bosworth’s website:


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**DISCLAIMER: I am only here to provide support as a nutritional therapy practitioner and I am not providing medical advice. I always recommend working with a team of holistic practitioners, including your PCP and a certified nutritional therapy practitioner. Do not self-diagnose. Always seek medical guidance when you have a medical condition.
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Judith Yoast

I did get lost on the numbers between glucose and ketones? Could you briefly explain again. Thanks


This was a great podcast, filled with information and inspiration. Thank you both for an excellent conversation.

Ben Steele

I've wondered how many people on a carnivore diet are in ketosis. Some Youtuber mentioned that, while strictly carnivore, she'd go out of ketosis after large meals of meat. It appears that some people have more efficient or active gluconeogenesis. But even then, I doubt glucose levels would spike that much or for very long on carnivore. Anyway, would it really matter to temporarily be out of ketosis? Other than for specific medical conditions, is there a reason people want to be in continuous ketosis?

Dawn Kingston

OMG! So much good succinct info. I need to re-watch this and take notes. Thank you.

Jeff Allen

Dr Boxz is strictly Real and I Love her. Judy is all in and teaches with real numbers. Both are “Healing Hero’s”. Thank You.

I love Dr Boz – she's always so inspiring! Thank you Judy – I've been a subscriber to your channel for a while now. Life-saving info!

Ingrid Vieira

Dr. Annette Bosworth, M.D. (Dr. Boz) is Amazing and her “ketoContinuum” step by step chart is Brilliant !! ✨ She needs to be interviewed more often. The Doctor Boz Ratio (DBR = Glucose/Ketones) there are certain thresholds depending on what your health needs are (eg. Losing weight, autophagy, reversing chronic illness) .. the key is to have a DBR of 80 or less ✨ Her online course “consistentlyKETO” is the absolute Best and for anyone who wants to learn how to properly live a ketogenic/fasting lifestyle .. this course is a Must !! ✨ Thank You Dr. Boz and Judy

Dave Taitt

How many people lie? All of the sudden there's people saying they've been carnivore for years etc, and so on. Really? Readapting to carnivore regulates consumption of food. So if they're over eating, than they're lieing. It's a shame, grown ass adults with the whole world at there finger tips, and they have no idea of how to eat. And they need to get rid of the term "providers." Providers of what? Does this remove the obligation to do no harm? This info has been around forever! It just wasn't 'cool' to eat meat back then.

L.R. Design Studios Laurie Sullivan Roy

So … I am trying to understand— we should be testing glucose And Ketones ?


How does the body get adequate K/Mg/selenium/iodine/vit C/vit E on a carnivore diet? Could you recommend an avenue for research?

Casie Alane

What blood glucose and keystone testing devices do you wonderful ladies recommend?

william powell

Thank you Judy and Dr. Boz. Great interview! Very informative 👏 3yrs Keto/Carnavior.

It is probably a nuance for most people but around minute 25 Dr Boz talks to people like me who have been ketogenic for a while and maybe 16:8 and are stuck. She does NOT say "eat more fat" but "shorten your window". She says soon after that that she doesn't usually talk about this. I have been listening for this and thank you Judy for getting her to address people like me. My morning glucose before black coffee is just below 90 but jumps to 105 once I have the coffee. So my Dr Boz Ratio is over 80 and usually around 125-150. The 36 or 48 hour fasts still scare me so I am going to shorten to 20:4 and also I am replacing some red meat with salmon at least twice a week. Thirdly I have a little personal sauna and I try to do at least 2 a week but she mentioned daily saunas.

Tina Thevarge

I love both your channels 👩🏼‍⚕️ 🧑🏻‍⚕️ keep sharing the awesome information ladies!

Rachel Lonsway

I have listened to this twice now! So I started keto following Dr Boz then went carnivore. Thought I was metabolically safe. Now I have learned even as a carnivore the importance a healthy metabolism can make. I loved this content. I love both of you ladies. I would love more of DrBoz taking about the carnivore lifestyle.

Tania Fuentez

Exceptional video 👏👏👏 Thank you both for dedicating a life's work to making the world better through healing energy. I am proof every day that fasting and a ketogenic protocol can help you overcome disease!

Esther Bartkiw

Great video Judy, I picked your some key points for myself. Please address low leptin levels not high leptin.

Susan Mallett

Dr. Boz lives in my city, advertises availability, but I cannot reach her!!! 😢

Diana VP

Feedback: On a mobile phone, today's video is so small to see with the frames stacked instead of side-by-side. So I'm just listening. 😉

Karen Miles

I followed Dr Boz a few years ago when I did low carb. She's a wealth of information just like you, Judy!


I had to go all grass finish only. Bam started losing weight again and inflammation going down everyday. Wow do I feel so much better. I also lowered my fat to 60 % more protein that has helped alot to raise my blood sugar back into the 70s. Support your local farmer. We also started meat birds.


The numbers Dr Boz is talking about measuring for the ratio are gathered how exactly? I have been Keto for over a year, now into a 90 day trial of primarily beef Carnivore to find my inflammation triggers, but I have never used any devices for measuring glucose or ketones or anything.

Jennifer Mathews

I have your book and Dr Boz keto continuum both book and audio and just got workbook. All excellent Type 1 Diabetic 45 years, SAD ADA DIET FIRST 20 years A1C 8 – 10, Low carb (50) A1C dropped to 7s 15 years; Dr Bernstein's Diet Law of small numbers (30) A1C 6s 5 years; Keto Dr Boz (20) A1C 5s 3 years; Carnivore 95 % 1.5 years added Romaine lettuce, avacado or Asparagus less than 10 carbs daily. Most come if I need to correct low. A1C 4.6 LAST 13 months.

Cheryl Paniccia

Love both of you. Real power hitters. Watching the both of you to see how the low carb community is evolving.

Deb Henderly

Even when I was strict carnivore my ketones were never close to one why would that be? And I believe even when I was keto

Deb Henderly

Thank you for this interview! I was keto for about 6 months starting March 2020 and I lost weight the first month and didn't lose any weight after that in August or September I went strict carnivore meat and butter only and I still did not lose any weight although I did feel an improvement in my mood although I still had eczema in November I fell off the wagon and my daily intake was steak and Oreos I gained a little bit of weight back but I'm still only doing steak and Oreos and I seen this podcast and I'm going to go back to carnivore this podcast just inspired me I have several health issues and even though I felt great on carnivore I'm stuck on the wait not going down.

Adam Smith

Carnivore/keto ruined my thyroid and sex hormones, I lost even more weight after being underweight for years prior. Every blood marker indicated I was in poor health and my cholesterol was sky high.

Gluconeogenosis is extremely taxing on the liver and wastes a lot of mitochondrial energy in the process.

Ray Peat turned my life around for the best. I dug myself out of a rut and feel better than I ever have. I highly recommend AGAINST the carnivore diet and to do some research on the ‘bioenergetic’ approach to eating.

Ginger in the Desert Creations

My thyroid went nuts on carnivore, my sleep suffered terribly with carnivore and fasting. I ended up with serious blood sugar dis-regulation eating zero carb (which absolutely baffles me), and lost a lot of my tolerance for stress in my life. I'm still not feeling as well as I think I should even just being higher low carb with no fasting, but I'm at least slowly improving since leaving the strict stuff behind. I'm sorry but that isn't false news, I lived it. I love Dr Boz and her enthusiasm for the subject but I had to stop following her because she absolutely does seem to deny exactly what happened to me.

Lynn Williams

Gave up all prescription and the end was Celebrex bc no inflammation . I am Carnivore 78 yrs. Holidays do keto keeps me safe with no feelings of deprived….But big goal is longevity with full brain health…. I am often told by people that they can’t believe my age. A doctor told me she kept looking back on the chart to make sure. I do still do step races 8-12 miles a day. I am in the sun whenever it shines do have a treadmill but only use in rain or cold 🥶 or rare snow. I sub when school is in session. I am a retired teacher. Another reason I love the science of my body.

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