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Blood Glucose Regulation and Diabetes

A simple guide to blood glucose regulation and a brief overview of the two types of diabetes. This video is designed to build a fundamental understanding of blood glucose regulation so that we can go into more detail in future videos about the different types of anti-diabetic medication.

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DISCLAIMER: This video is for education and entertainment only, and is not medical advice. This video should NOT be used for medical advice or to guide clinical practice. The Zero to Finals content should not be used in any way to guide medical decision making. Zero to Finals takes no responsibility for any actions taken or not taken based on the information provided. Local and national guidelines and senior clinicians are there to help you make decisions, not YouTube videos. If you need medical advice or information, seek it from an appropriately trained and licenced doctor or healthcare provider that can address your individual needs. Zero to Finals cannot guarantee the accuracy of information in this video. Please highlight any errors you notice in the comments below – thank you.

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  1. Pardeep Chopra says:

    thanks for your video. Your video also consist of the diet as guided by planet Ayurveda's doctors. I recently took a appointment from there and with the help of their proper guidance and diet chart I am fit and fine.

  2. Ana Costa says:

    Thank you for the video!!

  3. Goldilocks 4215 says:

    Best explanation I've seen. Thanks so much

  4. Safe_Luis says:

    einfach Nein

  5. Himanshu gogia says:

    Your drawing is so cool😄

  6. Ihuoma Otika says:

    Thank you
    This helped

  7. Luna Alburqeba says:

    thank you very much, this is very useful and easy to understand 🙂

  8. ArBuEs Santa Cruz says:

    Too easy! THANK YOU!!

  9. Kristie Jess says:

    I use the Libre with the Ambrosia's LinkBluCon app and the NightRider which helps me in staying in range. I normally take pictures of food/drink in the LinkBluCon app. The Food Insights feature in LinkBluCon app shows me readings for the next 3 hours and helps me in finding the food which is increasing my glucose more than others.

  10. Pranay Kumar says:

    This videogives a very clear picture sbout Diabetes

  11. Pete J says:

    This helped! Thank you!

  12. Doris Kamara says:

    Straight to the point. Thanks, very easy to understand.

  13. sarahsutube says:

    I finally understand. Thank you

  14. Tariq Mahmood says:

    Very clear and complete explanation

  15. Lokesh Motwani says:

    Thanks sir!!!!!

  16. Eddie the Okay says:

    Thank you so much! This really helped me understand my Bio homework right now!

  17. I'm a bit confused, doesn't insulin work on uptaking glucose to most cells and organs of the body rather than only the liver and muscles?

  18. Fahima Froogh says:

    thank you so much

  19. naila aziz says:

    Thank you, after reading 10 pages of lecture notes and left overwhelmed your video made me understand in 5 minutes and cortisol levels have gone down!!!! Thanks.

  20. dalia ahmed says:

    Thanks ,Go ahead
    The best explanation ever

  21. emma_wee_tod says:

    What is the name if the person who read this??

  22. thatdamntime says:

    Excellent explanation and very concise. Perfect as a stepping stone to learn more.

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