We Try Every Sample at KetoCon | Full Day of Eating Keto Snacks

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We Try Every Sample at KetoCon | Full Day of Eating Keto Snacks
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We Try Every Sample at KetoCon | Full Day of Eating Keto Snacks
We Try Every Sample at KetoCon | Full Day of Eating Keto Snacks

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Keto Connect

Super long one… if you have questions about a specific item just leave em below and i'll try to respond.

Alicea Ortiz

I find it amazing you guys don't get a stomach ache with all that tasting and drinking.

Kevin Cutlip

I have joint problems, mostly my ankles. Can collagen benefit me? I know none broth is good. But collagen peptides, etc?

Going keto really helped my stomach issue. Plus I found coconut flour that helped curb the grain feelings. Your cheddar bay biscuits pan fried in the left over bacon grease….so good.

Deidra Proctor

I sat up and leaned forward when I saw the pizza crust (thought it was a Dorito-like tortilla) and the cheese crisps. Oh man, I miss crispy food.

Heather Rose

This video is life! Matt in the hotel bathrobe made my day lol

Comic Guy

Looks like you two had a lot of fun, that's great I'm happy for you both. Have a great day and keto on.


Those keto cups have really bad reviews on Amazon. Not sure if I should get them.

Mama Wanderlust

Wow there are so many remade items but they are expensive. I am binge watching your videos right now and starting Keto in the next few days. Great video!

Lukas Ljungcrantz

I used to not like matcha, but when my bf does japanese-styled matcha tea – it is delicious.


Suggestion? Check out “Longevity Warehouse” online, for some really great products. I like their non fluoride toothpastes. Their charcoal wintergreen toothpaste is good. They also have “soda” flavors if you want a soda. I guess you add to sparkling water? I haven’t tried them, but they seem to be a big selling product. If I ever want a soda, which is rare, we purchase, “Zevia” because it’s sweetened with stevia. There are several different flavors and we purchase from Publix. Do check out Longevity Warehouse though, they have some interesting products! Blessings to you three!!

Jennifer Maxwell

Can't decide if it was a good or bad idea to watch this video hungry lol! I took note of the companies/items you guys enjoyed. Thanks for sharing. Been following you guys for about two years now. You two were so much help when I was starting out, and continue to be a great resource! <3 <3 <3

AOA Jewelry

I am bothered that you would use a racist phrase like “Aunt Jemima” especially in this manner, as the history comes out of the derogatory use of enslaved Black women as a mascot for marketing techniques. The original “Aunt Jemima” is actually Nancy Green, a former slave and spokesperson for the brand food products. I’m surprised a women of color would be okay with this use. Please educate yourself on the topic especially before the use.

No keto coconut oil toothpaste? You're not keto enough. Unsubscribe.


When I first started watching this video and saw the other lady, I knew it had to be Matt’s sister. She looks JUST like him. 😊

Kearnu Phoenix

No way your blood sugar didn't spike going through all those samples X'D

heywood jablome

if i ate all those samples i would call it colon blow day

That’s awesome you get to see all the pple who eat like you😄, i wish we have keto con in Dubai

Hmm, you guys loved the Keto Cups but on Amazon they have terrible reviews.

Joshua Budd

Shame the toothpaste isn't flouride free! Evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqstwfKGzPI&t=4041s

chef airavi

That’s keto paradise!!! 😍😍😍 love watching every second of this vid. Thanks guys!

okkies master

Look at all the food i cant get here in the netherlands 🙁


Matt that robe really was just a little too short or your junk is just a little too long🤔… Thanks for asking him to turn around Megha!!😍💖👏👏👏

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