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Keto Bread & Keto Buns! — Are They Really Keto?

✨Keto Bread & Keto Buns from Costco! Are They Really Keto?✨

Hey, y’all! In this video, I break down what’s really going on with the Keto bread and buns available at Costco! Are they really Keto? What are the ingredients? Who should eat these? Most importantly… how do they taste?! Find out here!

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  1. Pal Ashford says:

    You know you might have actually been eating real bread. You should've taken your blood sugar. Steve from Serious Keto had a baseline blood glucose of 98 and did a blood test 30 minutes after eating this bread and it spiked to 127; after 60 minutes it was 155; after 2 hrs it went back down to 100. Not good.

  2. Kelly Davis says:

    I have 1 slice of toasted Aunt Millie's low carb bread a day with my ghee fried org./cage free egg and org. Chicken sausage link! It tastes great though I know it has some not so clean ingredients

  3. Majestic Ridez says:

    I like aunt millies it tastes like bread it only has 1 carb and has only 35 calories sprouts sells it they keep it in the chill rack next to the Ezekiel bread I don’t care about what’s in it everything is bad for you one way or another but nothing is more bad for you than being a fat arse

  4. Refa says:

    This isn’t bad but doesn’t taste like real bread

  5. Perry Harris says:

    Terrible tasting

  6. Jason Boggs says:

    Ughhhhhh! Tom Deflour or whatever is name is is soooo annoying! The Unbread items he mentioned tastes like nothing and the texture is like felt AND the price is like $6 for a very small loaf of bread. As a catering chef AND a diabetic I have experimented with baking low-carb/keto friendly items and what I've learned is that anytime you use almond or coconut flours in baked goods you get "that" texture that is similar to corn bread or corn tortillas without the satisfying taste. As a diabetic my main concerns are my blood sugars staying below 100 and my blood labs being within normal levels . All this talk of chicory root, soybean oil and/or any other ingredient he spoke of is NOTHING but hyperbole. A ketogenic diet means simply; being in ketosis. If your blood sugars stay low then you won't have to worry about an insulin spike nor will you have to worry about being knocked out of ketosis. If you are on a ketogenic diet the best thing to do is purchase a blood glucose monitor. I have one that doubles as a ketone meter as well. Buy some of each strip and test your blood sugars before and 30 minutes to 2 hours after you eat a "questionable" product. If you're sugar levels only increase by 5 to 20 points…YOUR GOOD! If not….stop using that product. If it hurts your belly…stop using that product. Everybody is different and you might be more sensitive to a certain product than someone else so you have to check you blood sugars to know if a product is right for you. That guy ALWAYS takes the enjoyment out of the keto lifestyle in the guise of "pseudo-health". If it was up to him we'd be eating only "free range" chicken, "organic" kale and "grass fed" butter. Eat within your budget, check your blood sugar and get regular blood labs from you doctor….and for cryin' out loud….don't take this dude seriously. He's not an MD, or nutritionist. He's just a YOUTUBE guy that researched stuff on the internet….like the Hodge Twins.

  7. Jason Boggs says:

    She quoted Dr. Phil! LOL! That's like quoting Joe Biden! LOL!

  8. tatoun1981 says:

    How did you keep your hair?
    I lost so much!! Over a a year keto and my hair isn’t as thick anymore

  9. Crafty Cathy says:

    IMOS pizza is fire! Great video!

  10. Kevin Picco says:

    Great content, awesome edit, look for more

  11. Jimmy Moore says:

    Buns hon!!!

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