Bizarre Rules That Chick-Fil-A Workers Are Forced to Follow

Chick-fil-A is one of the most popular fast food chains in America, and that’s true both with customers and employees, who generally report good experiences from working there. Good vibes aside, though, there are some decidedly unique rules Chick-fil-A workers have to follow. Here are a few of them.

When you say “thank you” after getting your order from a Chick-fil-A employee you won’t hear “you’re welcome” in response. You’ll actually hear the more formal “my pleasure.” This is not necessarily because whatever just occurred was enjoyed by the employee. It’s rather because “my pleasure” is the response encouraged by Chick-fil-A.

The practice of saying “my pleasure” instead of a “you’re welcome” or “no problem” or “sure thing, champ!” started when the chain’s founder was staying at a Ritz-Carlton hotel. A Ritz-Carlton employee used those two fateful words, and he was completely taken with the phrase, which he felt truly “elevated” his experience. He requested that “my pleasure” be used by employees of Chick-fil-A, and it eventually caught on and continues today. In fact, many former employees report it almost impossible to stop using “my pleasure” even in locations where it’s not always required.

Keep watching to see Bizarre Rules That Chick-Fil-A Workers Are Forced to Follow.

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Going beyond “you’re welcome” | 0:00
No visible tattoos | 1:17
Facial hair | 2:12
Restrictive nail styles | 2:51
Politeness is required | 3:37
No “unnatural” hair dye | 4:21
No more well-done fries | 5:07
Franchise operator limitations | 5:58

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Have you ever had to follow any strange rules at places you've worked at?

Malcolm Ogburn

My advise for any body that dislike the rules of Chick-Fl-A should go somewhere else and complain what they don't like about that chain restaurant way of doin business. What works for them is a good thing. Those that complain hate a good thing. I will sing the praise of Chick-Fl-A as long as I live

When Covid gets done with the conservatives, good luck finding employees that will conform.
I won't spend my money there.

gasdorfic muncher

this all insanly sick these ceo's rules forced on the little worker people

My wife and I will not go to most FF places. Lousy Customer Service and inability to understand the employee through their accent. Chick-Fil-A and In&Out are great. There are benefits to good rules.

Sherry hartin

They just opened a chick FIL a in my town and damn I love those nuggets with chick FIL a sauce but it's so damned expensive. Nearly 50 cents per piece. Ridiculous

Bryce Unruh

I work at CFA and almost everything was right except for the last rule. store owners (we call them operators) may have at most 2 CFA stores, in fact, my operator has 2 in Kansas. There are a select few who actually have 3 store stores but don't that is very rare.

Good Sonic Wallpaper

Food looks terrible, what do they put in the water over there.

Richard Lewis

Whenever I go to chick filet, the lines at the drive through are literally around the building and out of the parking lot. Yet somehow I still get my food in 8 min. or less. If the line was that long at any other fast food place id be waiting a half hour. I have no clue how they do it but they are doing something right!

Roger and Gina Provincial Living in the Philippines

I used to think they were a bit expensive, but this makes it more worth the price…

mike nagy

All these items just seem like good business sense to me. I can remember giving a talk to a high school class years ago and telling them that if they had nose piercings or obvious tattoos they would never work for me. I had a hardware store at the time and hired summer and part-time workers from the high school. Most of the students actually argued with me and said that they had the "right" to have piercings and pink hair. Sure they have the right but they give up the best jobs by doing so. It is your choice.

Jim Lewis

Whatever they are doing, it needs to be exported to every other business across the country. In a society marked my indifference at best, and often times downright animosity, it is totally refreshing to interact with someone who puts forth the effort to act like they care. Their food is so-so but their attention to detail and effort are beyond comprehension.

Colorado Reef

This type of requirement concerning employees is exactly what the WORLD needs, especially the USA……Congress/Senate, etc. Interacting with other people in a respectful, mature way is what our society has lost on whole. Until the majority of people get back to common sense, love for their Nieghbor, serving others( this doesn’t mean giving them what they want, but what they NEED) society will continue to decline. Chick-FIL-A is so busy because people CRAVE this type of society, interaction, the challenge for you reading this is to now put it into action!

dick weasel

Only the self absorbed God-less left would have a problem with Chick Fil A…then again, the God-less left has a problem with everything they don't agree with.

Dima is a tree.

Better then McDonald’s talking shit cause you ordered a meal 30 minutes before they close or they just simply ignore you until you leave.

Kay Atchley

Never wanted chicken… after reading about the religious stuff, same as hobby lobby. Now definitely will never go due to 1950’s les. Keeping their employees on a very tight leash.


Chick fil a sucks considering they’re homophobic, racist, sexist, antisemetic, and more.

Braden Munro

I prefer Popeyes where the employees treat you like shit. I prefer the authenticity.

Ladenna Young

It make sense that an employee have to keep their hair trimmed or not wear false nails at work. You want to make sure that certain things don't end up in your food.

Yeah I’m the manager of a chick-fil-a and I didn’t pay my workers and mmmm yeah I don’t really feel like it

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