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Bacon wrapped chicken, new keto recipe.

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The Curly Goan Bhukkad

Have been searching this recipe since I saw ur story.. was jus gonna message u, until I saw ur link in bio… thank u… – tanya

Lucy Hovanick

I just got your cookbook, so far I'm enjoying it. I seen this recipe in the book and then i searched your video on YouTube. Looks delicious, making it for dinner tomorrow.

Dr. Drake Ramore

Nice recipe! Gladly pay 1 dollar per month for these recipes 🙂

santosh kumar

With such amazing recipes I would definitely like to pay a dollar every month

I joined your YouTube channel. Everyone watching more than one of your videos should do the same.

Donna Caloway

I would love to, you're totally awesome!!! I absolutely LUVVV you and your awesome recipes.

Mary Duff

When you can bring memories like that back for someone you have more than nailed it.

Shabnam Hussain

Your dad is a fabulous actor, just saw his movie 2 days ago

Caramel 67

Seriously u need a book deal !!!! I'd rather pay for Ur book than a quid ! Yep don't forget were not all USA 😝

limenyande olivier

I cook because of you. You inspired me and my wife loves you for it🤣🤣🤣

bhagat chawla

Hello, since I don't have access to an oven, is it possible to fry it or cook it in a microwave?

The Disconnected Wife

Awww dad… you're awesome!! Also, was that mozzarella? It looked more like you were grating Parmesan.

That look your dad gave you and didn't say a word… he new it was so good, he couldn't even describe it.

Nathalie Lozano

Thanks for the recipe im trying it today.. any idea of what the macros could be?


Quick get the smelling salts I feel faint. I fainted. Forget the salts let me smell the 🍗. Looks so delicious. Dad is so cool. Love your chuckle at his review. Beautiful.


Why don't you do a cookbook? Make it available on Kindle. I would buy it in a second!

I made this and it was great except it took much longer than 20-30 minutes to thoroughly cook the chicken. Maybe it's just my shitty old toaster-oven's fault but I kept putting it back in the oven until it'd been cooking for about an hour in total.

souvik bhattacharya

Sahil you deserve way more subscribers. You have some amazing stuff here. Signing up for patreon. Keep doing this!

Ed Pitts

Your dad is amazing! And I am going to make the recipe this week.

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