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Keto Breakfast Muffins | Weekly Meal Prep | Caveman Keto

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Breakfast muffins are one of my core meals on keto. The original version was one of the very first things I ever made. Sure, if you follow me on Instagram you’ll see me posting all sorts of frou-frou breakfasts that look like they took hours to make and use all sorts of exotic ingredients. In fact, it’s a common problem with keto blogs these days that everyone is posting ever more complicated recipes with exotic ingredients that don’t actually help the everyday man (or woman). This recipe is none of that. It’s cheap, easy, and designed to get you in and out of your meal prep breakfast as possible. Read on to learn the methods I’ve developed over the years to increase my speed and efficiency.

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  1. Chara H. says:

    Hey! Can I freeze this muffins or how long can I store them in the fridge? And If yes that we can freeze them, how do you recommend me to reheat them?
    Great recipes! Thanks!

  2. optimusprimo2012 says:

    You just got another subscriiiiiberrrr!

  3. DougieWugs says:

    Sure thats not weed

  4. Genau Greta says:

    They look really great! 😊👍

  5. Douglas Holdeman says:

    I can take it to work or eat it at home? are you sure about this? I've never seen a keto recipe that can be eaten either at work or at home… is this a new type of food?

  6. Ed Pitts says:

    Made these last night for the first time and they are amazing!

  7. Derrickontheway says:

    Are you still doing Ketogenic?

  8. Seraph says:

    It sort of reminds me of mini quiches

  9. Kamar Bazarek says:

    Gonna make these tommorrow morn….. ***ALL YOUR RECIPES ROCK!!'

  10. Journii says:

    ok stupid question, but is that melted butter or lard that you're using to cook the onions?

  11. Sarah H says:

    I made a batch of 12 of these today, sans tomatoes 🙂 Really good recipe, thanks. I don't have silicone cups so clean up is the WORST part of this.. eggs + muffin tin is a bad combo even when the tin is greased.

  12. Shaunna Hargrave says:

    Could I freeze these or would that make them taste funky or have a weird texture when reheated?

  13. Q - Tee - Pie says:

    love how quick and simple your videos are . . .what kind of sausage meat did you use I get confused with all the meats and are onions okay on keto ? xx

  14. disinformatique says:

    I have a question, can fresh spinach be used for this recipe as I don';t have access to frozen vegetables like you do.

  15. Victoria V says:

    Can bacon be used instead of sausage?

  16. Ven Karri says:

    Wow, you'll live to be a 100 with such a healthy diet.

  17. Vincenzo Carrano says:

    You lost me at "ounces" . Learn to use a more civilized system (the metric) .

  18. akira kazmi says:

    These look great! do you have the macros per 100g for these?

  19. Caveman Keto says:

    Hey guys!  I'm going to try and post a new video to the CMK YouTube channel every Friday.  Today's video shows you my new and improved Keto Breakfast Muffins!!

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