The Best Low Carb Ice Cream Recipe | Easy Keto Ice Cream

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The Best Low Carb Ice Cream Recipe | Easy Keto Ice Cream

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The Best Low Carb Ice Cream Recipe | Easy Keto Ice Cream
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Alexander Becker

Can you store it for one day in the freezer and does it stay creamy?


I'm curious if sugar free agave syrup could work as a sweetener in this recipe, or if it would crystalize.

Jim Wilkerson

Hmmm…… I got a slight problem with the eating-raw-eggs part. Really, am I understanding this right? You are making a recipe wherein you then eat raw eggs, right? Can’t get my mind over that hurdle.

Wayfarin Stranger

I will definitely try this…plan to drizzle in some natural peanut butter swirl 🙂

Ace Smooth

I dont even got running water why would I have heavy creme ?

Musein Mohammed

Why not put in blender then boil? For extra cream put half avocado. Then heat until thick then add to egg yokes and freeze. Youll love.

Awesome recipe, wondering if we add banana and mango with some nuts into the mixture and with cocoa powder of course? no egg, no vanilla, no sugar

This looks great. Have you seen bigger, bolder, bakings video titled homemade frozen yogurt in 5 minutes. Can those be transformed to keto?

Devonte Harmon Joseph

I cant take you seriously. Shes using imitation vanilla.

Steve Howe

Such a bad technique. Should mix the thing with an electric mixer.

shazi baig

I have exzema issue so i am avoiding dairy for that reason i dont want to use egg.wil it be fine and freeze without egg??? Thx

shazi baig

Can we use coconut cream instead of heavy or wipping cream?

Marcia Horn

Butter Pecan is my favorite too. If you want a RICH lots of calories, Very little carb try Joe Duffs recipe for keto butter pecan ice cream. It’s to die for! I may not make it again….it’s that good!

Charlie Devine

I've never heard of Swerve before. I will have to look out for it.


Your videos made keto seem easy.. I lost 70lbs in 2019. I stopped keto when I started running in 2020 and gained 15lbs back. but 2021 I'm doing keto fueled runs and not using "carb loading" as an excuse to eat junk food. I know ketosis works well with long runs.

Savannah Calhoun

Idk why the two raw eggs are freaking me out 😂 someone tell me why eating two raw egg yolks is fine

Sabrina Darr

Can someone please tell me how much calories it is all together and how many carbs all together? On the website when you increase the amount of serving the calories and carbs dont go up. I want to know how many calories and carbs per 4 serving

Gelato actually has less milkfat than ice cream (often uses milk vice cream) and is denser, usually 25-30% air by volume vice 50-70% for many ice creams. Concur that it is delicious, thanks!

Miso Tasiyana nkhata

Just made this and its AMAZING but how long can it stayin the freezer for asin shelf life?

Seger Marion

It's been a few years now, have ya'll made other flavors? Not a big chocolate guy.

Joseph Bernard

Maybe a dumb question but isn’t that raw egg? I’m guessing freezing kills bacteria?

Kiki Iwu

@ketoconnect always add "easy" to their titles, yet their recipes are never easy, always include lots of ingredients and take time to prepare. It's not entirely wrong but how can this recipe ever be described as easy? 🤣🤣

Maryam Al Rubaee

A THIRD CUP SUGAR? No guys just watch this video I tried it and it was amazing. U don’t even need to boil the cream! And no eggs!

Steph M.

Was she using a melon baller for those tiny scoops? That would be excruciating teasing for me, I want scoops the size of baseballs, at least!

Miguelito El buen muchachito

I tried a recipe from another youtuber, that didn't work for me….but this one was the bomb, even though i wanted to leave some for latera I couldn't stop eating it… finished the whole serving in one go

Branden Hill

I wonder why they don’t sell ice cream like this in the stores. All of keto ice cream in the stores is hard and chunky. Not smooth.


Can I avoid the Swerve and use Stevia successfully?

Your comment about Swerve is a bit unclear. The granular version of Swerve (which you advocate not using because it doesn't dissolve well) AND the confectioner's version are BOTH erythritol. The reason confectioner's Swerve works better is simply because the erythritol granules have been processed to a fine powder – like icing sugar — but they are the same sweetener, just different consistencies.

Jeanette Kniebusch

You didnt make any for Matt.Definately need to double that recepie!

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