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Breakfast Alternative – 3 Minute Keto Oatmeal Recipe

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Breakfast Alternative – 3 Minute Keto Oatmeal Recipe- Thomas DeLauer

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  1. Thomas DeLauer says:

    Please join me email list and you’ll get a free beginner keto meal plan:

  2. Brian Cortes says:

    Thomas , if this is a keto friendly option for having oats in the morning then how are you going to be able to be in a calorie deficient if your goal is to stay under 2000 calories and your obviously going to feel hungry the rest of the day , this meal brings you to close to 1000 calories would t it be great if you made a recipe that was less dens ?

  3. W H says:

    Numerous studies show that flaxseed reduces testosterone levels. What are your thoughts on this?

  4. relyk226 notnroht says:

    Ok so flex seed, give me the reasons you like it. with the estrogens in it I see more wrong then benefits from it

  5. Joey Aguirre says:

    The isopure has soy lecithin, which he preaches against because it’s inflammatory

  6. Debra Hurtado says:

    Looks wonderful!!

  7. Jesse Benesch says:

    So good! I used vanilla flavored protein powder for a little more flavor. This make a full bowl. Definitely keeps you satiated throughout the day.

  8. Mote says:

    I love oatmeal. Its delicious. A lot of times i add ginger to it. But i swear its just so heavy and makes me feel slow and bloated. So i want to try to avoid it more often.

  9. ֺ says:

    I thought flax seeds messed up your hormones 🤔

  10. ryan clement says:

    Added some monk fruit and blueberries! Love it!

  11. Calming Dragon says:

    I eat a version of this every morning! I love it!

  12. Rey Dade says:

    I thought Flax seeds raise estrogen

  13. Lew Fez says:

    In mine, I mix protein powder, Greek yogurt, heavy cream, and water. I heat it until it gets kind of thick. Remove heat and then add ground flaxseed and almond flour to further thicken it. I eat it with cream cheese. Not bad and satiating.

  14. herse83 says:

    I am a male height 5/7 I started at 170 now at 158 trying to be at 150 and I am on a 1400 calories a day. For breakfast I always eat 1/2 cup rolled oats along a scoop of chocolate flavored protein power which in total just under 300 calories. I want to try this but 1000 calories for one meal seems to much since I’m limited to 1400 a day. What do others think about this? Thanks

  15. Fountain of Youth says:

    Over 1000 calories? I rather do cream of rice and whey .

  16. Bethlehem Getaneh says:

    Omg who’s gonna clean that up!🤣 but sounds good thanks Thomas

  17. Gem girl says:

    I cant eat eggs or oatmeal so thanks!!! I'll try this!

  18. mbg140897 says:

    No oatmeal “NOatmeal” 🤣

  19. Myah Banks says:

    What’s the Marcos?

  20. Issella Morgan says:

    Omg!! Thank you for this!!!!

  21. Kay C. says:

    Never liked oatmeal thankfully. Everytime I ate it I felt hungry after. Dont know why. Same with apples. NEVER have an apple be the first thing you eat in the morning. You will feel hungry the rest of the day. This happened to me many times. Not that apples are keto anyway, so thank god for that!

  22. Jan Proy says:

    Can’t wait to try this….

  23. The Crypto Tengu says:

    Rolled oats Oatmeal container 4 Dollars. This recipe 27 dollars.

  24. alpha fam says:

    Man, when did steel cut oats become bad for you?! Geez… Guess I have to switch it up.

  25. MAN PHROG says:

    how many cals are in it hough?

  26. Wade Taylor says:

    Is it true that flax is bad for men with low testosterone ?

  27. Unknown User says:

    Why not use barley lowest GI of any grians.

  28. Mia Margin says:

    Cool! I try it, but mine have a twist. I try cocao power! Thank you for this video!

  29. mary tatuem says:

    Came across this again after finding the Isopure(used have a scoop or 14g) used ghee instead of coconut butter. Added blueberries and sprouted pumpkin seeds and sweetened with erythritol/monk fruit. Pretty good. I will toast next time as suggested in the comments. I will also add Himalayan salt to taste. I ate mine as a last meal. MFP says 1,124 calories as prepared. Under calories for the day and macros look really good.

  30. Puppi de Jong says:

    You know sooo much, you can’t possibly know everything so I don’t blame you for not knowing to hold the pan handle as you stir..

  31. Sarah D says:

    I really missed my oatmeal/muesli, and this definitely satisfied that craving. Holy cow, though… I ate about half and had to pack up the rest. Good thing, too, seeing the comments about almost being a full day's worth of calories. When I saw that this amount of hulled hemp seeds is just under 12 carbs I thought yikes, good thing I'm only eating twice today (maybe once now 😬).

  32. billg4630 says:

    Not oatmeal

  33. Aleck Alonzo says:

    From my own experience, don't start the keto diet. It is just so hard on the body and outright dangerous. Listen to your doctors. I tried the Agoge diet and I lost so much of that persistent belly fat.

  34. Di Mcnick says:

    my 3 year old love hemp hearts. She likes them on top of her rice cakes along with something called " rainforest butter" which is made of brazil nuts, cashews, and coconut oil.

  35. Di Mcnick says:

    I need to make this for myself:)

  36. Kenkiun says:

    Thomas are oat fiber keto?

  37. Joe Cabezas says:

    Isopure protein isolate unflavored also has milk and soy…(is soy good for a protein powder isolate?)

  38. William Mclean says:

    Flax also has a lot of estrogen though and I've heard that you shouldn't eat it very much because it messes with your testosterone

  39. Steven Corbo says:

    Wish you would have had a printout of the recipe in the drop-down

  40. looks great. I would add cinnamon and a few extracts just like how I set up my oatmeal

  41. William Richards says:

    Don't the soy lecithin in the whey and flax seeds contain phytoestrogen?

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