This is a non-vegan keto coconut bread using whole eggs. I have 2 other videos here for Keto Coconut Flaxseed Bread for both vegan and non-vegan versions. However, this coconut bread does not have flaxseed meal at all, hence it is a pure coconut bread. It’s probably the cheapest, healthiest and lowest carb keto bread at less than 1 g net carb per slice. Since almond flour is quite costly and flaxseed meal is not cheap either, this keto coconut bread is the best alternative.

I have been using egg whites all along for keto bread to avoid the eggy taste but this time I tried using whole eggs. 6 whole eggs for this recipe may seem a lot but coconut flour is very absorbent hence, it requires more eggs and liquid. Surprisingly, the bread doesn’t taste eggy and I believe it’s masked by the coconut flavor. The egg yolks makes the color of the bread a little yellowish which is nice and it is so flavorful, the whole house smells heavenly during the baking process. It also taste mildly sweet naturally from the coconut. Texture wise, it’s softer and more moist compared to other keto bread. Even the dough is softer than other bread but still manageable.

You can eat the bread straight with butter or toast it for a crispy crust. If you add the coconut or olive oil which is optional, the bread will be even crispier when toasted. Now, if you’re not a fan of coconut flour, you can mask the taste by adding other flavors, herbs or spices such as cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice etc.

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I highly recommend that you measure the ingredients for accuracy especially when it comes to keto bread as they’re very sensitive. Even though I used US Metric System conversion, not all cups and spoons everywhere have the same measurements. I have experienced this personally by buying 3 sets of cups and spoons from different shops and they all turned out with different measurements. So please keep this in mind.

Please remember to grind your psyllium husk into finer powder otherwise, it won’t work. To learn about the importance of psyllium husk and how to use it effectively, please see the description box of another video titled HOW TO TURN PROBLEMATIC KETO BREAD INTO THE BEST KETO BREAD. You can also learn about the role of all ingredients in keto bread and other relevant information. The link is at the end of this video or you can go to Bread – Non Vegan section.

This recipe can be viewed and printed at this link;


Total servings = 18
Per serving;
Net carb = 0.8 g
Calories = 30
Total fat = 1.6 g
Protein = 2 g


Dry Ingredients ;
Coconut flour = 120 g / 1 cup
Psyllium husk powder (finely grounded) = 22 g / 2 1/2 tbsp.
Baking powder = 13.5 g / 3 tsp (Do not use double acting baking powder)
Salt = 1 tsp

Wet Ingredients;
Whole eggs = 6 large
Apple cider vinegar = 28.5 g / 2 tbsp.
Coconut or olive oil = 30 g / 2 tbsp (optional)
Boiling water = 240 ml / 1 cup


1. Pre-heat oven to 350 F or 180 C
2. Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl with a spatula until well combined.
3. Add all the wet ingredients except the boiling water and mix until well combined.
4. Add the boiling water and mix until it becomes a dough.
5. Shape the dough into a loaf with round top. The dough is quite soft but still manageable. Do not flatten the top to prevent from getting denser crumb without holes. Then place the dough into an 8×4″ loaf pan lined with parchment paper.
6. Sprinkle with black sesame seeds or any of your favorite seeds. Gently press the seeds down to ensure they stick to the dough.
7. Bake at the lowest rack for 60 minutes until a wooden skewer comes out clean. As an option, you can remove bread from pan and let it sit in the oven on a sheet pan with the heat turned off for about 30 mins to help the inside of the bread dry up more.
8. Cool completely before slicing the bread thinly.
9. Wrap bread in parchment paper before storing in fridge to prevent any moisture. The bread can be refrigerated up to 2 weeks or frozen for months.

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Please see the description box below video (click the down arrow on the right hand side) for full recipe and relevant information. Thank You !

Lotus Blanc

I did this recepy. I didn’t work, it was all crumbling, had a cake texture.. 😞😰 I didn’t put psyllium because I hate it, I put xanthan

Tracey Sun

Hi can I leave out the yolks in this recipe and only use 6 egg whites?

Karishma Patil

I made became lil salty and taste was extreme bitter dint like it why could you please help

Not good at all, came out horrible, too many eggs and too much apple cider vinegar, it smelled like an omelette drenched in apple cider vinegar.

Christivere Smith

The psysilum husk I have is pre ground, is the measurement the same?


If I use a mini (1 quart) air fryer instead of a conventional oven (the little loaf pans are 6" x 2 .17" ), how long should I bake a loaf?

Chaya Grünwald

I'm a bit disappointed (in myself). It was so good, I ate the whole bread. 😅👍Thanks for sharing.

Ocharaka U

Is it me or is the sound muted except for a second in the middle? This bread looks so good~

Anne Annie

can I just use psyllium husk, and how many grams should I put if I use husk not powder? 🙂

Joan Breen

so many eggs ,if you were to make a loaf of bread a day that would be 42 eggs a week

Lek Peerajaruroj

If I change from apple cider vinegar to fresh lime, is it work?

Lek Peerajaruroj

I baked today the tasty is quite eggy may be my eggs sized is very big. But the texture of the bread is very nice and have a yellow.


small question: can I use regular vinegar instead of apple cider?

Megan Kirk

Made this today and it is truly lovely. It has a very neutral flavour and lovely consistency. This will definitely be my go-to recipe from now on. I am wondering if I can reduce the egg yolks simply for the purpose of getting a bigger rise from the loaf? I’d happily accept that the bread would be a bit less moist- which I am totally fine with as I mostly use this bread for breakfast toast. Perhaps 3 eggs and 3 egg whites? Just curious if it would as I don’t want to waste a bunch of ingredients if someone knows, for whatever reason, it just definitely would not work.

can i omit or replace psyllium husk with something else. i cannot find it in my supermarket. thanks

Shee_shee ph

i'll try this hope i like the taste so that i can then diy coconut flour . i love coconut water but i don't like coconut flavor. thank you so much for sharing this recipe.

Can I replace the water with coconut milk instead? If so, should I boil it also? Thanks.


hii thanks for your recipe. May i know why don't use double acting baking powder? Coz i only have that right now haha thanks!

toby teng

Thank you for your recipe. I made half from your recipe. Just nice for 1 person.

Ricky Singh

Can this be frozen? And what's your thoughts about making breadcrumbs out of it? To bread chicken etc. Can it also be roasted like normal bread

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