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Ana Describes Her First Day Of Intermittent Fasting

Ana is trying intermittent fasting for the first time and shares her thoughts.Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss on The Young Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET.


The largest online progressive news show in the world. Hosted by Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian. LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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  1. mario zombie says:

    I only eat three days a week.

  2. Jonelle says:

    I've tried this so many times and I've never gotten past the third day. Ana and other people in the comments are giving me some nice encouragement to try it again.

  3. mario zombie says:

    I have a sugar addiction. Drink that sugar water all day.

  4. mario zombie says:

    Cenk needs to start a food channel.

  5. mario zombie says:

    Sugar water helps with the fasting.

  6. Ido Wanna says:

    Ana, you may as well try keto along with that, or a version of Keto. Just eat from the outer isles of the store. Try to eliminate carbs, mostly those that come from processed foods. And allow yourself to have a piece of cake! OR pie

    Animal products are extremely healthy! Eliminate any corn, seed or vegetable oils and be sure to use bacon grease or olive oil, or coconut oil, or avocado oil. Vegan and vegetarian are not sustainable. If you enjoy tofu, by all means, have at it but don't eliminate meat products. 😟 ( I wish people would stop blaming climate change on cows!! and finally agree that the real problem with the planet is that it is over fuckin populated! but no one wants to say it out loud)

  7. Adrienne Durland says:

    hanger is real

  8. hajj ayoob says:

    It is very common there are a 1.5 billion people doing it in the world is the Muslim fasting in Ramadhan month and all along the year but we do it from befor sunrise to sunset …

  9. Big Will says:

    Who gives a shit!

  10. M.J. de Bruin says:

    You both are sugar addict's.

  11. Leonardo Gonzaga says:

    Ana is adorable.

  12. Gayle Haeffner says:

    Too funny….. Cenk with cake candy & sugar cereal….. my HERO! I have been raiding my Ramen for the flavor packets & had all this leftover naked noodles. So, made the noodles & flavored them with mayo, ranch, BBQ sauce & medium taco sauce all mixed together! A-maz-ing!!!!! #imfatbuthaveperfectcholesterol

  13. Happy and Healthy YOU! says:

    I have been doing intermittent fasting for nine years. I did one day per week until I lost the weight that I wanted to lose, and now I do it about twice per month, or whenever I start feeling a bit low. I do the 24 hours because for me, I couldn't stand the daily time window. Congrats Ana, keep going!

  14. Steve Euphrates-river says:

    Yeah… please eat normally!

  15. Matt Huffman says:

    Hahahaha, Anna not the one that needs intermittent fasting. Cenk, the obese guy is the one that needs to lose the weight!! Anna, just tell him!!

  16. Cobalt Prime says:

    Yeah this seems worth 12 minutes

  17. StarFighters76 says:

    "Can you imagine if both of us were grumpy at the same time"

    OMG DO IT!!!

  18. I’m a Radiohead says:

    This video is hashtag cringe narcissists central 🤦‍♂️

  19. Harlem Renaissance says:

    I love how anytime it comes to anything scientific , these two knuckleheads always think its nonsense just because THEY can't handle it. Its always all bulls**t to them because they don't have the will power to stick to anything. Never mind the fact that someone standing 10 feet away from you has done it and it's worked for them

  20. midnight cabbage says:

    I feel so much better doing IF. First few days were a challenge but hang in there.

  21. Grant Allard says:

    I tried that when I was working 12hr shifts (4 on 4 off) at the steel mill. I found that 2 consecutive days fasting per week left me exhausted half the time. Now I'm retired and it's ok for about 6 weeks at a time. But otherwise I eat every food group (including chocolate).

  22. Gulf Marine says:

    Dropped from 280# down to 210 (fighting weight) in 7 months. Keto/IF. You have got to want it. Straightened me right out☺

    I don't buy this "hangry " B.S. Learn some discipline and self control. Fat and protein is where it's at. BACON RULES.

  23. Francis Rinaldi says:

    Give it st least a month, Ana, you’ll get results.

  24. Francis Rinaldi says:

    When you end your fast at 1:00 eat vegetables first! That will set your desires for the rest of the day.

  25. Fasting is awesome

  26. kray97 says:

    No one ever accused Cenk of fasting.

  27. Marc Schvartz says:

    Just eat a normal dinner at 6 p.m. skip breakfast and eat normally again at 11 or 12 noon.

  28. Mr. 2 Phones says:

    I was 230 lbs I'm now around 165 lbs going on like 8 years. It will get easier trust me.

  29. Joseph says:

    Honestly cannot stand Cenk. But I have massive respect for Ana for debating Ben. I hope I can see more segments with just Ana.

  30. Brak Dayton says:

    I started IF at the beginning of last year. It works. Hard at the beginning but gets easier as the days, weeks months go by. Kudos to Ana for starting with 16/8. 20 months later I’ve lost 30lbs, on one meal a day and I’m NEVER hungry.

  31. Surya Coapy says:

    Go Ana. It's good. I've done it. My brain really does work better (and I lose weight). Stick with it.

  32. kingofank says:

    It sounds like you may need another mile run competition. Maybe make it a TYT track and field day.

  33. BonefishBoards says:

    Daily intermittent fasting is the way to go. 16-to-20 hours everyday for me.

  34. Deathraid says:

    Ana keep it up! I lost 95 pounds intermittent fasting in a year.

  35. Andrew Phongsamran says:

    1st week is tough but stick with it!

  36. Fiona Bowen says:

    I’ll tell you what is even better than intermittent fasting (IF)? IF and keto. It has had an amazing effect on my body, after so much damage over the years. I have not had any cravings since my body has adjusted (took a couple of weeks). Don’t write it off, when there are so many incredible benefits to keto. I guess you gotta suffer some bad health before you really see what a difference it makes. The biggest industry has everyone hooked on sugar, because everyone gets cranky if they don’t get their fix. What a money mountain!!!. Sugar is a drug, not a food.

  37. Gerardo Hernandez says:

    All those diets work because they all put you in a calorie deficit

  38. Bob Greaves Living With Wisdom says:

    Keto is the only thing that worked for me. Years ago I would fast all day every Wednesday.

  39. frankie googs says:

    This show is going to shit. Why are we discussing fad diets? Lame!

  40. Qvintus E. Urvind says:

    A lot of people eat too much sugar, which is a problem in the long run, and they don't even know it. How much sugar they eat and drink, and the long-term effects.

    Instead of 16/8 intermittent fasting, I think 12/12 is good enough to begin with. An adult person doesn't benefit from eating around the clock. Two or three meals a day is quite enough, unless you're doing hard physical labour.

    Btw, I'm not sure if (intermittent etc) fasting is really the right word/expression. It's more like normal eating habits. Now if you're so poor you can't afford to eat more than once a day, that's real fasting/starvation.

  41. Geekspeak10 says:

    The fact that people can’t go 8 hrs of eating with out losing there mind should be the 1st tip off. I can go 14 days now with out much issue. Once a quarter or though I do 7-10 days

  42. Real Talk With Ricky Paquiot says:

    I wish I can do that, intermittent fasting seems awesome!

  43. Priya AKA Jedi Mind Trick Dragon says:

    I bought the Fast 800 Recipe Book and ate dinner earlier (about 7:30pm to 8pm and yes, that's early for me lol) and then would have breakfast at 10am and I lost 15 lbs but it felt like I didn't have to make much effort. I also felt better mentally and slept better too….sooooo I think I'm going to start it again from tomorrow!

  44. Chucky Dall says:

    Does that mean you can't go down on fat Cenk anymore??

  45. Dandyfi says:

    I’m not on the Keto band wagon but check out Dr. Berg on You Tube, some really good info on intermittent fasting

  46. my2cents2u says:

    It's also good for balancing out your hormones, your glucose levels, and your blood pressure. I am 72 years old and I've been IF for years. Mon thru Sat I eat within a six hour window – lunch @ 12:00pm and dinner @ 5:00pm. Sun I fast all day, which means from Sat @ 6 to Mon @ noon I ingest nothing but water. (Anything else – tea, juice, supplements, etc breaks the fast.) I adjusted slowly by eating brkfst a half hour later each week, until finally it was just absorbed into my lunch. I am physically active, and sleep extremely well. Most importantly, at 72, I am still not on any medications! : )

  47. Tanika Washington says:

    I lost 50lbs doing intermittent fasting. I do a 6hr eating window and fast for 18. After awhile your body is trained to do it automatically.

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