The Secret to Perfect BBQ Chicken Thighs

Julia shows Bridget how to make the best BBQ Chicken Thighs.

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“Head to our website for instructions on how to setup your charcoal grill for this recipe” but we won’t tell you the recipe is locked and you can’t view it unless you become a member… lol smooth

Ok. Tried the recipe as instructed. Total Bust. No taste to the chicken. & Skin was like rubber. If you're going for that, "Smoke" flavor with this recipe…add some liquid smoke. May be a Good oven recipe, but skip the Grill.

This show promotes products just so you buy it because they get thousands of dollars by just saying they used it. I watched them promote one product and then a year later they slammed the same product and told you to buy something else better than the one they originally recommended. Here in this video they say BULLSEYE BBQ sauce……that was so 1980's….so that company must be lagging in sales so I bet you went out and bought it and then didn't like it but you get my point. Don't trust this show for product reviews because money is what counts to them not quality or taste.

We didn't have any apple jelly, so we used the peach jelly we had. Best BBQ chicken I've had.

I'm thinking, if I take them from the braise & skin side em down over the charcoals for a few mins, that would Crisp the skin up alil. Then put back over indirect heat. Thoughts?

Traf Yknits

It's always been sad to see how overweight these ladies are. They send exactly the wrong message to viewers…that eating massive amounts of animal protein is okay, despite its health risks and its caloric content. Julia and Bridget are very unhealthy, obese and they essentially encourage their audience to accept it as if it's okay. It's not.

Braising on the grill is a new one on me. Most home chefs cannot use indirect heat well enough while grilling, thus the chicken gets dry. BBQ chicken is about as good as pork or beef, but it is more difficult.

I pre-microwave my thighs so I don’t have to grill them for so long. But I liked this video. Thanks. PS. I love that you gals have a body and are not bones. It makes me know you enjoy cooking, eating, and living. This is a compliment. I relate. : )


I am positive the chicken is delicious, but they do one unnecessary step that MANY cooks do when they BBQ – that is soaking the chips. It actually takes forever for water to soak into wood, that's why wood floats until it becomes waterlogged. A very porous wood can become waterlogged in around a week, but it is the hard woods that are used for smoking, which will take months to absorb enough water to make any noticeable difference at all. Don't believe me? Soak your chips, throw them on the coals, let them smoke for 1 minute, and look at them again. There will not be a single portion of them that is still wet. So, save yourself some useless work and leave the soaking alone. You'll still get the same wonderful results.

john fink

Hens down the best chicken thighs I’ve ever made! I used my pellet grill. Bite through skin melt in your mouth!

while this might be a good backyard chicken recipe, this is NOT competition chicken lol. Well, you could enter it but you'd be wasting your time. First off put your gas grill away, second, never, ever, ever, ever add granulated seasoning to your meat after its been cooking for a while. All you're going to get is grainy burnt garbage that looks good on TV lol. This recipe will please a lot of home cooks but knock it off with the false advertising. No cook on the professional BBQ circuit would be caught dead doing this.

Brad Anderson

These girls know how to cook. Fun to try their receipes.

Dirk Gibbens

Put those utensils down and pick up the chicken with your fingers… that’s how you eat BBQ chicken!!


Looks great , but you aren't getting a smoke flavor on the meat at that temperature. Nope.

Matthew Rice

Always take the word of two large women they know how and what to eat

J. Mason

I like the fun of cooking & enjoy this channel But! way too many little steps & mini ingredients & extra stuff for a most cooks

Ronald Brightman

Competition chicken? Don’t think so. However it does look great!

Nice, but I'll just stick to the store bought bbq sauce since I typically cook to eat the same day.
Beautiful looking chicken though.

You can do this the other way around too … BBQ first on HIGH but only cook about 1/4 to give the flavour then chill overnight .. then bring up to room temp (safely) amd finish in a hot oven and serve immediately. This works well when you want to serve a lot of people, half the cooking is done the night before. Works with breast meat too with (skin on).


Chicken thighs are the best. This is very similar to how I've been making them but I've never done the braising thing. Will be trying that this weekend! Thanks.

bernalou damondamon

Wow! i never knew BBQ chicken could be brought at this high-level! i'm sure this taste great!

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