4 Proven Health Benefits of Ginger By Dr.Berg

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. . Take a look at those wonderful well being advantages of ginger.

0:06 Advantages of ginger  
0:29 Tactics to make use of ginger 

On this brief video, we’re going to discuss the superb well being advantages of ginger. 

4 well being advantages of ginger:

• Can assist with GI tension
• Can assist with nausea 
• Can assist with vomiting 
• Has anti inflammatory houses 

Tactics to make use of ginger:

• Put it on a salad 
• Upload it to water with lemon 
• Upload it to greens

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, 56 years of age is a chiropractor who makes a speciality of weight reduction via dietary and herbal strategies. His personal apply is positioned in Alexandria, Virginia. His purchasers come with senior officers within the U.S. govt and the Justice Division, ambassadors, clinical docs, high-level executives of outstanding firms, scientists, engineers, professors, and different purchasers from all walks of lifestyles. He’s the writer of The 7 Ideas of Fats Burning, revealed through KB Publishing in January 2011. Dr. Berg trains chiropractors, physicians and allied healthcare practitioners in his strategies, and to this point he has educated over 2,500 healthcare execs. He has been an energetic member of the Endocrinology Society, and has labored as a previous part-time adjunct professor at Howard College.












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Thank you for staring at! I am hoping this video is helping you higher perceive the superb well being advantages of ginger.

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  • Garlic + ginger + pomegrates dryed seeds + mint (take abouve herbs all same weight) + small amout of black pepper other peppers for taste.+ seasalt as needed.
    Grrat remedy for ibd 'ibs' mild liver disorders' mild infections etc.
    I have tried this my self after years of treatments.
    And dont forget to take 10000iu vitiman d3 with k2.
    Hope this helps someone…

  • the stevia because you crave sugar? lol
    i think its great what dr. berg says.. but no sugar? no carbs? i dont know

  • Hi Dr. Berg thank you for all of your wonderful health videos! My husband and I are keto fasting people now and we feel so much better! My question about ginger, will it help prevent flare ups of diverticulitis?

  • Ginger/Lemon/Honey/Earl Gray + a drop or two of olive oil, maybe a little honey is a good one. I like to add a few drops of milk or even a tiny little piece of butter if i don't have milk at hand in addition. I usually cook up a big kettle and it's good cold as well if you put it in the fridge when you've had your fill. Can always bottle and freeze it too!

  • I think ginger is a great herb for nerves, hair and muscles.

    Fresh ginger has strong thread-like fibers in it.

    These fibers are similar to hair, nerves, and muscle fibers.

    Ginger is in the form of appendages and nodes.

    The human body is also made up of appendages and nodes.

    The arms, feet, and head in the human body are like extensions of ginger.

    Ginger can strengthen the skeletal system and the entire body, including muscles and nerves.

    The human body contains sugar, salt and fat.

    It may be a good idea to add salt, sugar, and oil to the ginger.

    Yes, I have heard that eating ginger with salt added is beneficial for stroke.

    Ginger with honey is also very healing.

  • 2 slices of raw ginger in hot black tea with honey and lil Tumeric is super good, when tea is gone eat the ginger

  • When I have nausea I cut some slices of ginger into hot water and drink it. It calms my stomach. I like eating ginger candy as well.

  • whole organic lemons…minus pips + a good chunk of root ginger( washed,skin on) ….then blend with some filtered or spring water. Add a little stevia if you wish , to counter the bitterness…and it is bitter. Glug back and you have the whole of the nutrients in the lemon and ginger.

  • Ginger is my daily herb. The extract in the little bottle makes me bloated but the capsules and powder is wonderful

  • I mince a small piece and spoon it into my mouth and down it with water. ….just like I do with garlic. Hardly taste either

  • I have tried everything possible to get rid of my herpes simplex virus but all to avail, until i came across Dr okosun on YouTube who cured me permanently from herpes with his herbal medicine, visit Dr okosun on YouTube and get cured from any virus or disease.

  • Hi doctor Berg, I want to know if a person taking blood thinner can take ginger, thanks

  • We Indians use ginger in mostly everything we make.
    1. whenever you have headache or cold drink ginger tea or just boil little ginger in a cup of water it will heal your sore throat.
    2.During covid we are daily drinking ginger tea it's really helpful.
    3.But ginger is little hot and spicy if you're not use to it use in little amount 🙂

  • When I started feeling nausea from the 2nd COVID-19 vaccine dose, I drank some warm water with ginger. Ginger helped reduce my nausea. 👍

  • I heard that ginger can help with autophagy. Started OMAD with some ginger about 4-5 times a day and pinepollen w/l-glutamine. Seems to be working pretty good down about ten pounds so far.

    After watching your response to pistachios. I will add them (i.e. About 50) at the end of my meal.

    Thank you

  • Thanks Dr. Berg!! I’m munching on a piece of fresh ginger right now!! It always has a nice spicy zest that warms you right up 😁😁

  • So, I use it in lieu of gum. I soak it in lime, chew and spit it out. Do I have to constrain myself to 4 g or can I have more?

  • too much ginger causes palpitations though, tried and tested. how much shall we safely consume?

  • Great info Dr. Berg. Also if it may help, many Chinese Restaurants have Ginger Hot Pot which is cooked with ginger, green onion, meat and lots of ginger. Can request for it to be cooked without msg. Its really appetizing to get into the notion of consuming ginger.

  • In Chinese medicine we think this is fabulous for people with digestive disorders And a pale tongue (before about 4 or 5 pm as it's "hot" qualities can interfere with sleep if you already struggle with insomnia. Red tongue digestive disorder people may benefit more from cooling herbs 😊

  • When I started to putting ginger , few slices in to my green tea I don't have flue anymore

  • Grate it on strawberries, or mango, or oranges. I also love adding it to asian marinades for salads or even meat on the grill

  • Whenever I have vertigo, I wouldn't want, as much as possible but any medication. I just drink ginger. Yet gladly I never had vertigo for a long time and still add ginger in my fresh juices. Thank you!

  • Do we benefit from ginger pills (1 pill of 350mg) alle the health benefits as from fresh ginger that for exemple you eat or mix with a smoothy?

  • Hi Dr.. Berg, I throw ginger root into my juicer, and use a tablespoon or two of the juice for tea in the morning by putting it in hot water… But I do this during my fasting period. Am I breaking my fast with this ginger juice??? kindly advise.

  • The Romans brought with them spices such as ginger, pepper and cinnamon, and herbs including borage, chervil, dill, fennel, lovage, sage and thyme, all of which have remained staples of the British kitchen.

  • Hi Dr Eric, I've been mixing 1 tbs of ginger powder into a glass of water mixed with apple cider vinegar. Is this okay, will this affect IF?

  • If you have sore throat that is not fully developed and has just started to show the symptoms, just take fresh ginger the size of your thumb, remove the outer skin, put some table salt on it and chew it slowly and ingest the juices. The juice will burn the throat for about 2 minutes but not to worry. Just repeat it 2 times a day and you will not have a sore throat/flu.
    The people who catch flu regularly should consume it daily.
    Reply me if it cures your sore throat/flu.

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